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scar pics on phone cam

uhhhhhhhhhh done w acne and now scars bring me mysery

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my scar gallery

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hey ilonka

you ARE hot.

most of those scars look shallow. i think your skin will smooth out nicely in a couple of months.

i've always found my skin healed quicker the closer it was to nose/mouth/chin.

one thing that really helped my sis&me was moisturisers. and not just moisturisers.. but creams. even tho my sis is like 23 and oily skinned, she uses chanel's time fighting cream. weird considering it's for old ppl but it restored her skin somehow. maybe old women's creams are great for scars in general, i dunno. right now i'm using la mer. expensive shit my mum got me. helping me with red marks.

just a bit of info i've gathered from life.

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WOW THANX FOR UR COMPLIMENT, that made my night lol

hmm does the chanel cream break ur sis out? I guess since it produces collagen it speeds up the healing process ,imma gonna check it out.

ur mom is awesome for giving u la mer , ya that stuff is probably really good !

btw love ur aviator pic! soo cute u look like a model pz

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that chanel cream actually helped my sis not break out.. but it broke me out. annoying how individual skin is. never really know what the hellll is gonna work.

*blush blush*

YOUR av is cute. makes me smile. XD

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Hey, your scars really aren't bad...at all....you have so many options for scar removal these days, from microdermabrasion to a myriad of chemical peels. I bet if you did a combo of chemical peels with microdermabrasion, your scars would be significantly reduced if not eliminated......

Anyway, good luck, I'm happy for you that breakouts are no longer an issue :(

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Hey, I was just wondering if you have started any treatment for your scars. I know that you had mentioned dermarolling and fraxel. Just wanted to see if you had started and what your progress was like. Thanks, Julie :(

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your scars are like mine, sorta, but mines worse coz i justtttttt stopped breaking out! *knock on wood* (thank god for makeup)...ne ways good luck with ur scar treatments :S whatever u pick! its a tuffy...ps: ur a pretty girl!

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I doubt anyone really notices your scars considering how pretty your facial features are. I bet time will take care of any remnants of the acne but if you're self conscious I think a chemical peel or two might give you great results. Either way you're still a knockout =)

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ah, I have some scarring like that. I think I notice them more than anyone else though! I also got afew from a really crappy derm who told me it was safe to wax while using differin gel....well, we all know that's not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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