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:wall: thats me trying to smile :wacko: i am so ugly
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    Too ulgy to look

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    I don't think you're ugly at all. On the contrary you're quite handsome

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    :( the lips are amazing and your not bad at all!!!! have you tried to do anything for the scarring????

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    Please don't say that! You are not ugly!! I know how you feel about the trying to smile. Have you tried accutane? I was so so scared to try it!!! I kept waiting and waiting when I finally tried it, it has done wonders! I only wished I had done it sooner!!!! I am on month two. Try to keep your head up!! I know it is really hard.

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    You know what makes people ugly Society . Television, magazines, hollywood,

    people want you to look a certain way if you don't look somewhat good looking they think we are monters because we got some acne!!

    give me a break it's just acne not a bad diesease.

    I have some scars!!!

    Don't worry Dude get on accutane everything will be cool i have your back man i use to be like you i know where you are coming from man .

    good luck keep your head up!!!

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    i m a lot worse than him....and the bad worst of all is that i can't live my life....i will still getting worse and worse and i don't know if it ll stop sometime........i m full of scars everywhere and new cysts appear all the time...... :D

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