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4 months and 21 days

I'm back from my 2 week holiday and yay, i see improvement! Finally!

The beach water and a bit of sun really did help my skin, its been looking more radiant than ever, i cant remember when my skin glowed this much. Of course i still have more pink marks i have to get rid of, but 2 visits to the beach a week should do.

Also girls.. i havent worn make-up since beginning december and i think that too had an impact to the clearing up. I used to hide under make-up when i see my boyfriend ive been with for 3 yrs.. since i got back i dont even bother puttin anything on when with him eusa_wall.gif it feels so good u dont understand!

I havnt been rostered at work since ive been back, im hoping i have enough courage to not apply anything to my face when going to work cause staying away from it has helped me alot.

My last pack of roaccutane ends this week, its been 4 months and i have no idea if ill be getting another 2 boxes (having a few issues with the derm's receptionist - BITCH!) hehe. I'm so scared my acne will come back cause i got the the odd 1 or 2 pimples while on holiday - which disappeared in 3 days........ but yeh, tanes helped me get rid of the pimples, and fresh sea water's helped fade some of my red marks when nothing else would.

Give it a go! Perhaps some girls would find it hard to go to the beach with their face bare, i did, but u dont understand how many people i saw with the same problem. I was just concerned about ME!! I'd even stand there in the water splashing it onto my face like 10 times and soaking my face in there (thankfully there weren't many huge waves). Sometimes i'd go to the bay where theres absolutely no waves and id float on my stomach and dunk my head in as long as i could.

Hope i don't jinx it wacko.png

From the album:

I know what i want NEXT christmas..

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I think your skin is looking great!!! I didn't have a problem when I ended my accutane course early, so I think you will be fine if you are not able to get the rest of it.


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mm good luck with that your skin has improved drastically over that time, amazing what a small pill can do for your skin and confidence

take care =)

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I'd even stand there in the water splashing it onto my face like 10 times and soaking my face in there

thats funny,,, I do the same thing and I always feel like people think I'm a mental case, but I really want my face to absorb the sea water lol where was your vacation?

With makeup I always had the same problem when it came to boyfriends and unless Im with someone for over a year I cannot let him see me without makeup, but I hope soon I won't give a shit anymore and wont need it lol I really really hate having all that stuff on my face, especially after a few hours when my skin gets oily, ehhh


anyways Lexia, like I said before you are gorgouse and right now your skin looks awesome!

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Hey Ilonka :(

hahaha yeh you tend to look somewhat like a dumbass doing it but hey.. i wont see them ever again. It was 3 hrs from home and i knew nobody (id do the same even if i was with my bf or friends tho). Umm im from Australia, just went further to the north coast, nice place.

Ye it sux hey! sad but tru - i kinda held a tiny grudge at my bf for a dumb reason, just bcoz when i was around him i had to wear makeup.. but that was my decision. I think the best way to get off it is when u see slight improvement in ur skin, u get that lil happy feelin... sloly start to use less n less makeup untill ur wearing somethin loose or even nothing at all.

I used powder and powder only as makeup, blush and thats it, hated the thought of oily foundation or concealer on my skin even if it was oil-free.

And thankyouuuuu im glad my eyes arent doing a funny and there actually is improvment ehhehe MWA

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those red marks are really fadin'. :(

do you massage your face when moisturising? that's always helped me with them evil marks.

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Wow, I see huge improvement! Good on ya, your skin is on it's way! :( You're gorgeous btw...I saw other photos of you...:ohno:

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hey hun wow ur skin has improved heaps!! congrats...

I so know how u feel about the make up thingy..my skin has improved heaps too and i love the fact that i dont need to wear foundation anymore...i only use concealer on some of my marks and im ready to go!!

lol yeh i think most girls can relate to the bf-foundation thingy...

maybe its bcoz im used to him now that i dont care if i havent stackd on the foundation...and feeeeels gr8!!

Have any guys commented on u wearing foundation? my ex used to always say why do u wear that stuff? its betta when u dont lol so im guessing attracts more and makes it stand out...

I hope we dont jinx our improvements like u said :(

take caree

oh and p.s i was in ur area last week...twice :ohno:

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I seriously cant get over how much the salt water did to your skin i seen this photo like 2 months ago and i still cant get over how much better it got.. that why i go to the beach to the surf cause of this photo and i have seen improvements in my skin too.

whooot woo sexy lexia

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