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Day 7 - Front



26 December 2006 (Front View)

Just a few red scars on my forehead and a couple around my chin and this will be done also!!! Yehaaaa... go the non-smokers!!!

See ya'll on the 2 January for my next set of photos and then on the 9 January for the last set of three weeks which I said my prediction date for me to be acne free will be three weeks so ill keep my word and the 9th January is the final day.

Well it is the 29 December today just three days after I put these photos up and I had 32 pimples, good news I now only have 23 pimples its amazing some days they drop off like crazy and others they sit around for a while the boom a few spots just dissapear. So im really excited to post my week two photos and I know now for sure after these few days that smoking is the cause of my acne and that my skin skin will be 99% clearer after three weeks, I can feel it and see it, when I woke up this morning I was like oh my god how can this be its crazy I just wanted to cry with happiness. Well ill be back in 4 days to upload my photos at the end of the second week.

PS. I think im going to contact the Dr Phill show and see if we can do something on this, even if I have to start smokng again to get my pimples back then go there and they can film me for three weeks and show the progress to the whole world so other people that want to try it can try it, I do understand it is not going to be everyones cure and for some reason but I cant say for sure but mostly girls have been the ones to post remarks about how it affects their acne so maybe it could be more effective for women, but then im also not saying all women either. I dont know everyone is different and I just hope I can help a few people anyway. See ya back on the 2nd. wacko.png

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Acne and Smoking

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Looks excellent to me!!! Even if your acne isn't *gone* by Week 3, I definitely encourage you to stick with quitting! The rest of your body will think you, and the benefits to your skin can be long term! Are you using any products or programs to help quit? Some of my friends are looking to quit and have asked me about it, but I don't have any experience with it. Keep up the good work!!!

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Thanks R4, well I must say today I had one smoke after 7 days of not smoking today I caved in and had one smoke, but thats ok I am still determined to quit and to prove that smoking is the cause of my acne. I think the reason why I had a smoke today was because my face has cleared up so much and I felt that one smoke wont do much but its just all in my mind and as much as one smoke will probably not make much of a difference over the three weeks but I dont want to smoke as I really want to see the progress. I hope I dont have another relapse and you are right my body will feel the benefits of it even in the long run but for me to get rid of my acne I will do anything and this is mainly the only reason that I can quit because I dont want acne and if it is the cause I will not smoke, maybe just the odd one here and there... see I cant even say no more, but for the next two weeks I will try my hardest just to see the outcome. Thanks for the encouragement. I am not using anything to help me give up, I have tried to give up before with nicorette gum and patches that is all ive tried, I found the gum to work for me better than the patches I guess its the physical thing for me to chew gum to me was kinda like doing somthing like you would when you smoke, but in the last 7 days I have just gone cold turkey and not used anything to help me just my courage to get rid of my acne has got me through these days and I hope it gets me through the next two weeks also, I know that I had one though cause my skin is looking much better so I felt I could have one, but its probably just an excuse, it is so hard to give up but its also a lot easier for me because I have a good incentive to quit if it is going to clear my skin.

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Good for you, it sounds like you have a good mindset about it. I'm in a similar boat where I'm willing to do this 10 day lemonade diet for the CHANCE that it will help my acne. Hopefully it will work out for the both of us!!! Keep us updated :(

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hi Carla!

wow, it's amazing how fast the number of your pimples is decreasing. i don't see as many as 23 pimples on the picture though lol.

i've been cutting out sugar like i said in the other comment and also exercising. i haven't developed any new big painful pimple for now. however, i feel like there is one forming on my nose from before i started this. i hope it'll go away :(

i look forward to seeing your new pictures!

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Hey K

Yeh I tried to take the photos wihtout flash I think you cant see the spots very well. Ill put the flash back on for the next photos, but if you look closely and count all the red spots on my face you will be able to count close to 30 on each side of my face and also the front. But next week you will not see many!! LOL

I emailed Dr Phil and Tyra Banks today just to see if they even email me back and think I may have something of interest to them, I hope so.

Im glad your no sugar diet is helping your skin and the exercise, I must do some of that too I have been a bit slack lately, keep me updated to how it is going, maybe take some photos and make up a gallery for other people to check out.

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I too am a recent non-smoker. I'm not sure if I've seen any difference in my acne since quitting but, the lines in my face have decreased to a minimum. I quit June 15 and I think now, 2 months later, I look 5 years younger.

Thankfully for Chantix, my life has changed.

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