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Almost a year!

I haven't updated my album in quite a while. That's mostly because I'm not on the regimen anymore. I stopped about 2 months ago, and started up on retinoids. My skin still is not perfect, but the Bare Minerals makeup sure does help a lot. This is a makeup picture, because I basically don't have active acne anymore! I'm still dealing with a lot of scars. Plus, I have closed comedones, but the retin-a is taking care of those (slowly but surely). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and give ya'll an update :wacko:

From the album:

Celebration's Progress on Dan's Clear Skin Regimen

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Hottie! :( I'm fascinated that you were able to go off the Regimen and get onto retinoids with success. That is cool. I wonder if what you had was Pyoderma Faciale. See http://www.acne.org/typesofacne.html all the way at the bottom of the page. This type of acne comes on suddenly and leaves abruptly as well.

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Well, hey Dan! You're pretty hot, yourself :( Thanks for your comments. I read the link about Pyoderma Faciale. I s'pose it could have been that, but who knows? Remember, I took Accutane twice. My acne first came on in my mid-20s. The breakout last year was a resurfacing of the evil acne monster. Whatever you want to call it, it was devastating and I could NOT have lived through it without (a) your regimen, (b) the information and support on this board, and © the simply amazing .Org-ers who cheered me on.

When I went off the regimen, I started a new one. I got a Skin Medica kit from an aesthetician. It has a face wash, a toner with tea tree oil, and an AHA/BHA cream. At night, I apply retin-A micro. By this point, my active acne was calmed down by all the BP and I think that I'd gotten rid of most of the acne bacteria. Now, it's just a matter of training my skin to renew itself properly. The retinols seem to be working well.

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Yaaaaay! Love the pink. I had pink eyeliner on the other day and Michael noticed and said it looked great. Looks nice with our brown eyes, huh? :(

You are looking good. happy for ya!

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Wow, I just looked at all your pictures and I see a 100% improvement in your skin!

It looks great and your skin looks flawless!

Keep it up!

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You are looking awesome hun!! I am so glad to see you are doing well! I lost track of your logs....lol. I don't come here as often anymore. I just wanted to say you look great!! Hopefully you'll be able to come back to Michigan and see your mom again! Take care of yourself. I hope the current regimen you are on will stay good to you!! :(

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Celebration, your skin looks fantastic! Makeup or not, I can tell you have 1000% improvement! I'm glad the Bare Minerals makeup is working out for you. I stopped doing the regimen also because my skin cleared up finally too! I still do everything the same except I have omitted the On-The-Spot. ACV was and still is my life saver. Anyway, I am so happy for you. Congratulations! Now you have something to "celebrate"!

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I don't know if you still check these comments but I just looked at all of your photos and the transformation is awesome!

Thanks for being so open and honest and documenting your acne struggle...it's encouraging to see someone work through the challenge slowly but surely...

I hope your face continues to clear up and get smooth if hasn't yet already!

Thanks again.

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OMG!!! you are looking soo good! Wow. I started all the way from the first photo and saw every single photo you ever took. And You have improved soo much. I'm soo happy for you!! :D I just started the regimen last week and you have given me so much more enthusiasm for it. I will posting pics up later. Congradualations and thank you for posting the pics. I know it's hard

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Hi, Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I came back to look at my comments. Good to know that people are stilling looking at my photos for inspiration. You can still PM me if you have questions :D

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