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December 12, 2006 update


Hi all,

It has been an eventful year. I’ve made so much progress in my life and getting hit hard by acne has given me a clearer vision of what I want to accomplish before my time is up.

I am still getting pimples. Usually when I'm stressed... it's a funny cycle: you are stressed, get pimples, then stressed about the pimples you've got.

I have been Antibiotic free for nearly a year.

Still eat plain oatmeal breakfast, drink green tea, take a multivitamin and probiotic pill everyday.

Using only SpectroJel cleaner. Alternating nightly between Dan's BP and Differen.

And I'm using head and shoulders/nizoral for my body... I've got serious backne. Thinking this is a fungal infection... so might as well try this.

How I've changed since my first post:

I feel a sense of urgency. I get the big picture. I judge others NOT. I care about people.

Someone called me a benevolent dictator… initially I was insulted but after reflection, it’s true. I direct because I care.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned the past year is the importance of candor.

"Candor Definition: Frankness or sincerity of expression; openness. Freedom from prejudice; impartiality."

It's about being frank and honest with others, and mainly yourself. It's difficult to practice candor. So much easier it is to be nice and sugar coat everything to make it seem like it’s really better than it is. But candor leads to respect and truth. And living with truth has more value than living a lie. And it's easier.

When you accept the truth, that is when you make leaping progress with yourself. And your self image. The truth is Acne tears down your self image and confidence because society puts heavy emphasis on looks. But we take it further than it really is. See my previous post and you'll see all magazines lie to you about how good their models look.

So if you have acne, keep growing. Don't let anything stop you from your dreams.

I wish you all in the holidays a brave and bold season, where you can be strong and continue your battles with acne, yourself, life and love.

I will keep posting and keeping you all updated. As hard as acne has been on me, it has blessed me with understanding and much more.


p.s. I'll keep popping in and posting for as long as I fight

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    My Battle With Acne

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    Very inspirational words!!! I must say I totally agree with you. I wish you joy, happiness, and success for 2007!!!!

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