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Today 2

<sigh> I can only imagine what normal people think of my face.

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I don´t care what you think I think it looks better. Don´t get depressed. Believe me I used to have perfect skin and then one day like ten huge pimples appeared on my face I thought my face would never recover and started using different products which made matters worse. After a couple of months I have finally managed to control my acne. You are a good looking guy and you´ll get over this. Stay positive. :(

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Hang in there...I'm sure it's frustrating..I don't doubt that. I know many people who have chosen the accutane route and they have all been extremely pleased with the results. I must tell you about this guy I went to high school with--he was 2 years younger than me, but he was in my AP chem class (he was SUPER intelligent) and he had THE worst acne I've ever seen. Yours pales in comparison (I'm not trying to minimize how you feel or anything, I'm just stating a fact about the condition of his skin); his entire face was covered with cystic nodules. There was not a single spot on his face that wasn't inflamed and broken out. However, he went on accutane and after a few months, his face was clear. It was awesome....I was so happy for that guy. I swear, if accutane was a success for him, it will most definitely work for you. I remember he was getting a lot of compliments on his skin, and when I mentioned something to him about "looking good" he was very appreciative of the compliment and said the hardest part about going on accutane was trying to be patient. I too think your skin looks better and as far as your comment about what "normal people think" of your skin--let me tell ya, I read some statistics on skin conditions, and I can't remember the exact number, however, the stats were staggering for those who suffer from acne--so many of us either currently have acne or have had acne, and I personally would not react differently to you than I would to a person with completely clear skin, and neither would my friends. The severity of our bouts with acne varies, but hell, when it's a case where you yourself are dealing with the same issue or "have been there done that", IMO, I think people are real understanding and sympathetic and their real reaction is probably far from what you might assume it might be. THe other side of the coin is, is there is always those a$$holes who have to scan your face when you're talking to them as opposed to looking you directly in the eye. I hate that. I knew several people (including an overly critical and overly nosy neighbor) growing up who never looked me in the eye, they were too busy noticing my every flaw. You know what? F*ck those people.

Good luck and keep us posted...and again, hang in there!

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Well let me start off by saying you a definitely cute. Honestly you're eyes are so freaking gorgeous and your hair. Just hang in there seriously accutane will work, I’ve never personally ever taken it but I know many people who have! I read on another picture you saying something about you have the worst acne in school, well trust me some people have it worst. You seem to me to be probably in 8th grade or 9th possibly 10th(Excuse me if I’m wrong, I’m not the best at guessing), I dunno, well anyway I’m in 8th and I know how some kids can be, so just stay strong. Don't listen to anybody if they try and make fun of you because you have acne, they'll get there share. Good luck, best wishes for you! You will be clear one day!!!

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hang in there buddy....it may seem really bad now....but its gonna get better one day and after that theres no looking bad....i hope the very best for ya


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i can see mprovement already, and im positive your skin will clear up. just keep taking those pills and realize that you are gonna be clear in no time. good luck bud

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hey man,

im fifteen years old and im currently on accutane. truly, hang in there and it surely does clear up. My case was DEFINATELY worse than yours. and im on my 6th month and my face is 90% clear.

if u'd like to take about anything, feel free to IM me on AIM - sn [mistuhmestizo]


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