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Why does it have to be like this? Why do I have have the worst acne in the entire school? Why do I have to be one of the 3 people who even show any signs of it? If I wasn't incredibly smart, I'd say my I'm pretty much genetically inferior to everyone else, and I shouldn't be having any children.

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you have lovely sunny blonde-red hair and beautiful blue eyes, and the perfect nose, I admire you for realising that this is something you want to work on and want to resolve, because that takes courage and strength and to me that's exactly what any woman could want in a man.

I'm going to watch your progress, because you seem really nice, and i really hope you can get through this :(

Take care,


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don't worry, in a few months this will be all in the past, i know that sounds like a long time, but it will fly by.

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i know what it feels like dont worry just do what your using now and by a couple of months, you'll have girls asking to sign their breasts

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hang in there man. if its helps any...your not the only one even though it may feel like it. im in college and i never see any1 with acne as bad as mine. im about as far as you i think (month and a week) into the tane.

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new to the forums and i just have to say, best wishes to u and ur progress.. u being so strong with during ur tane, helps other out too.. ty :(

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hey man,

yes its bad, and im sure its infinately hard but you survived yesterday you'll survive today...YOU'RE ALREADY DOING IT. sincerely i give you props and my blessings.

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I know what you mean about the whole "Why do I have to have the worst acne in the school" thing. Mine isn't the most severe in the school but in all of my clases mine's the worst. You just walk into a classroom, take a look around and just fricking lose it. It's like "Why am I the only one cursed with this" It sucks so bad.

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it might be stressful but think of this dont feel bad, seize the day make yourself feel proud it will make this process go by much faster

props to you man


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