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Standard lighting 2

Took this today around noon.

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Yep its working, you can see its drying everything out. Could be a long road but you will get there in a few months. Do you use moisturiser or any lip balm for your lips? Whats your dose?


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It looks less red, and the dryness is a sign that Accutane is starting to do its job. Hang in there, it'll look great once it's all done.

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It's drying up and looking less red. You're very young, your skin will heal beautifully. All the best to you. :(

I agree :lol:

your skin is dry which means that you'll get rid of your acne in no timee :ohno:

good luck!

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yea dude defineately dehydration city down there.

make sure to use moisturiser and carmex for your lips. if you don't moisturise the dead skin will get caught in pores and clog them up more.

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You are looking really good but kinda dry..BUT AWSOME!!..I'm 38 and still have problems bad,whenI take some pics I'll post them...otherwise..God be with you!!!! you look good!!!!

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I was one of the ones that got worse before I got beter, but here I am just after 90 days and I am having great skin, I am still gettign a few stragglers, but I see improvment. I know how frustrating it is, but I promise you will clear up, give it time, it needs time to heal, and in no time you'll be mackin the ladies! Stay strong ! Your face looks like its changing already , which is awesome.

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