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Close up, better lighting 2

So many little pimples coming out of this big one........ from looking at this picture I just want to pop them all and poor alcohol in them, but I know that would make my scaring worse.

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    I hated the initial breakout accutane caused. I experienced the same thing! You might consider using Klaron lotion (should help with the redness).

    I would definitely keep your hands away from your face.

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    hey man, i feel for you.

    my acne is as bad as that in a different way.

    like its not clumped together, but more spread out i have some cysts around my jaw from the initial break out and my forehead too where before there was nothing, kinda wishing i hadnt started with this drug.

    im 2 months in to accutane and so far it has just made my skin worse. to the point where i dont want to go out much.

    i got my hopes up that accutane would work in 2 month or atleast start to.

    but im staying optomistic that it will get better because from what people say it takes at least 3months to see improvement.

    so we just gotta stick it out i guess.

    ill get some pics up soon so you can see what i mean

    how old are you?


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    You gotta know when this is all done you'll be clear so keep on doing what your doing and it'll get better.

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    Hang in there a couple more months! I know it's hard to be patient, but there's a good chance it will get better every day from here on out.

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    My man

    From looking at your photos it looks like you're squeezing your spots. Please don't do that.

    Really, I think if you ride out the storm it'll all be good on the other side.

    I had acne from when I was about 15 until 22. My mistake was that I insisted on popping every single spot that came along and now I have pockmarks. I'm convinced that if I had let them be I wouldn't have any scrarring now. It sucks ass having a big custard pie spot BUT remember, it'll be gone in a week. A squeezed spot leaves a scar that lasts a lifetime. Squeeze in haste, repent at leisure. Believe me.

    BTW you look like you have some Irish in you. Slainte!


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    Hi Sweetie,

    Just wanted to say, like some others here have already said, hang in there. I had severe cystic acne in my teens/early twenties. I went on roaccutane (accutane) and it was like a miracle. My skin cleared up completely. Initially it broke out (on the tane) but after two courses my skin was completely acne free. And it stayed that way for about 3 years. After that I got an occasional pimple but NOTHING like the ugly, big cysts that I'd had before.

    Stick with it because at some point soon you WILL see positive results!!! Please keep us posted on your progress.

    Best of luck...big hug to you too!

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    Hey there is nothing wrong with popping the white heads takes all that puss out it's not good for your skin if you leave that puss in your skin.

    I did sure i got some scars but most people with sever acne will scar sorry to say.

    But you could take care of the scars when you're acne free no worries man!

    One step at a time!!

    Be patient DuDE !!!


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