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chin - worst part of my face right now.

chin - worst part of my face right now.

I broke out a lot here - and I don't know why. I <b>never</b> touch my face or let anybody else touch it, I dont drink soda - only water and sometimes milk - wash my face every morning and night - and yeahhh. its sucks that i'm doing everything to heal my face and all it does is get worse.


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It's frustrating to know you do every thing good to your skin and all you get is more acne, I know the feeling! (Though the last few weeks my skin is getting better and I am happy about that although it's far from perfect)

You go on Accutane? I hope it will help your skin get rid of the acne!!! It looks painfull but it will go away!

Take care.

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Dont worry, Accutane will have you cleared up in no time at all and you'll have the time of your life then. You're still young and have the wonder drug so it will be all postive from here on. Best of luck to you.

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Aww man, acne on my chin ALWAYS pisses me off. But the Accutane will do the trick for you :|

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girl you can stick with it...

i have that on my chin and my forehead...

and remember,

you are not your hair

you are not your skin

your the soul that lives within

-India Arie

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