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Before and after pics: first third and fifth treatment

I just wanted to post some pics of the results I got using microdermabrasion plus 1mhz ultrasonic treatments with Retin A cream (.10 percent not .01 percent). An aesthetician did this treatment (6 treatments total) on me about a year and a half ago and I got good results. You can get your own equipment and do it yourself (that's what I did). I was so happy with the results, I actually I started selling the same professional equipment my aesthetician used. You do NOT have to buy professional equipment to get decent results, I believe you can get good results with a Timepeel unit, I don't sell those but they have 'em on ebay. I have one and it works fine, it is not as strong as a pro machine but it still gives good results. You can get retin A .10 percent cream online or through your dermatologist (but I tell people if you do this make sure you aren't pregnant. No doc ever told me this before but there is a very low chance of birth defects with retin a - much lower than accutane but there is still a minor risk). Then she used an ultrasonic wand on my skin - 1mhz - to drive it deeper into the skin. I believe you can get a decent ultrasonic machine pretty cheap online. Ebay sells them for like 50 bucks these days. Oh and also sunscreen is VERY IMPORTANT.

If you want to read all the details go to ebay and do a search for the username betterskinhaireyes. I put the story on all my listings. To anyone who is going to accuse me of spamming please don't do so unless you've actually tried it for yourself. There are people who sell ultrasonic machines and timepeel machines for much less on ebay and I think that is fine for anyone who can't afford profesional equipment. I'm all for doing stuff as inexpensively as possible, which is why I bought my own equipment (cause I couldn't afford any more treatments from my aesthetician!!!). I sell professional machines mostly to salons and put the full story plus the explanation on my listings. I just sell 2 items - an ultrasonic machine, and a professional microdermabrasion machine. If you type in the words "timepeel" in the ebay search box you can probably find an affordable personal microdermabrasion machine around 300 dollars. I don't sell those anymore but they're pretty good. Sorry for the cheesy copyright on my photo but I had to put that on there so other people wouldn't copy it (not you guys, the people selling stuff on ebay). My skin is still not "perfect" but I'd say the scars are just a lot smoother. Overall I'd say they were reduced about 60 percent, which I'm pretty happy about considering the fact that that's what I was quoted about 8K for laser resurfacing (that cost did include scar undermining and fat injections). I had never heard of this treatment before my aesthetician did it on me so I like to tell other people about it. I have no idea how she came up with it but I think she's onto something.

I also think it's really important to stay away from caffeine, and I got good results with taking 5-6000 mg of vitamin C plus pycnogenol and collagen supplements. It's really important for your skin to heal well after any kind of trauma, even if it is minor trauma like microdermabrasion. The more your skin produces collagen and new cells while it is healing, the better I believe your results come out. At least that seems to be the case with my own skin.

If you ever have any questions about this treatment feel free to email me, I don't check this board regularly but you can also reach me at [email protected]

Best of luck,


From the album:

Scar Pics - before and after

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