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Try Clinique's Superfit Foundation!!!

Ummm...so I don't really have any photos of me without my trusty foundation on because it is sooo embarrassing. I was completely devastated when I got this huge cyst in the middle of my forehead for my boyfriend's senior prom.

Anyway, you can kind of makeout the forehead cyst in the picture as well as the acne on my chin...however, you'll have to trust me on this, but my face looked absolutely horrible before I applied my foundation.

Anyway, for all you ladies out there, please give Clinique makeup products a try because they really are worth it. And they aren't too expensive either. I would suggest Clinique's Superfit Foundation because it is a matte finish. I think it only costs around $23.00. Then, after applying the foundation (with a foundation brush!!! NOT your oily fingers), apply Clinique's blemish touch-up (I cannot recall the name of it, but it comes in a little green square container w/a mirror and brush).

Good luck!!!

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