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right side again.. ew ew ew.

right side again.. ew ew ew.

this is horrible! i have no self confidence and extremely low self esteem. i just started high school and these should be the best years of my life.. instead im sitting at home instead of going out with my friends because im too embarassed by my acne. =[


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Don't even worry about it; Accutane will clear you up. Don't seclude yourself from the world because of stupid f***ing acne. Your beautiful! I know how it feels to be embarrassed because of acne, and I feel I have missed out on important moments in my life and friends I'll never know. At the end of all this you'll look back and laugh at the insecurities you feel now. I know it will work out for you. Good luck!

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God, i've been where you are and believe me i know how it feels. I freaking hated those years when i was 14-17. But trust me, it does get a lot better once you get past those years. Hang in there and don't despair

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thanks :| i really hope the accutane will clear it up! its so embarassingg to live with and none of my friends have acne so i can't talk to them about it because they dont know what im going through.

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aw hun i totally know how you feel...i was in your shoes this time a year ago but it does improve out of sight, trust me on that ok

good luck with the accutane, you're very pretty regardless of the acne and we're all here for you..

all the best x

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You've got such a stunning face nowone at your gay highschool will care about your acne, don't stress about it..you're only there for 4 years so live free and enjoy the moment, otherwise you will regret wasting all your time being so bummed out...word!

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i know how you feel but you have to be strong. Trust me, if you look at my pics youll see my improvement in 2 months, your braver than me though, i didnt even take pictures of myself i was so embarassed. Trust me though on this, if you have real good friends they'll see you for who you are. As stupid as this sounds if i could phyically be near you id hug you, because i know that thats all i wanted when i had bad acne, to be appreciated, to be hugged:P Also, i know i sound like your typical person but, please dont pop your zits, im facing the consequences right now, but its your choice, sometimes its the only way to release some tension. Please be strong though, as the "tough guy" i cried alot, and it helps, but youll get through it, it just takes time, and try not to delete your pictures, there the only thing that will help you apreciate your future skin moreso.

Good luck, and totally keep posting pics, ill try my best to follow them


PS: your eyes are REALLY pretty

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thanks everyone!! :] it would probably be a lot easier if i still lived in chicagoo.. i lived there my whole life nd had the best of friends but now i moved to florida.. so im starting off in a whole new state and a new highschool. i barely know anybody but it should get better as the year goes on :] but thanks everybody for the support :| i reallyyy appreciate it!

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control your acne, dont let it control you.................Something i always tried to keep in my head when i wanted to hide under the sheets on a friday night cause of my skin, it may sound corny but hey it got me going. I realized i could still have fun with or without acne.

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dont worry about it darling. ur gorgeous. i have moderate acne and i know how u feel...its like. u dont even like open windows...well. i dont. i like dark rooms just so no one sees my acne. its terrible and i cant wait till its over

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