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oct.27, started using a scar gel

tada, i started using a scar gel lately and its gotten rid of all the redness in my face, also my confidence is slowly rising again and im becoming more comfortable with myself, maybe now these forums will see less of my angsty side? On another note, my old pictures sort of look a bit better, but thats because i took those literally right after i washed my face down with soap so it was still a bit white. But it definately looks better than back then. Also, it looks like i have bags under my eyes, mainly because i was out until 3am less night at a sweetass cabaret(crazy dance where everyones drunk:D, great place to boost your confidence if you understand what im saying... :D ).

1. all my skins red tone is gone

2. some of my smaller scars have dissapeared

3. my hair has grown back(lol)

4. bruise has dissapeared

5. i appear to be attempting a smile(sign of content?)

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Accutane + me

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ahaha, sorry to comment on my own picture, but i look insanely happier in this picture than my last pic, crazy lol, i look SO angry in my last one. Compare the two for a good laugh.

wow, also, i was looking at my sept.10 photos and im finally seeing real improvement, you know when you laugh your so happy in a way? i just did that after looking at them, im smiling , my skin looks smooth and normal colored, my scars are fading, i only wish i didnt delete all my original pics, back when i first started accutane i took a pic once a week, but one day i was so mad at myself i deleted them all. I only wish i had kept them now...

blah, another note: in my last pics i mentioned i was starting ACV. I DID NOT CONTINUE WITH IT, my skin just couldnt manage ACV, plus im still on accutane so i didnt think it was a good idea, however, i do take it orally here and there because it works your body wonders(IN SMALL DOSES).

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