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more temple scarring

    From the album:

    My scars

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    You probably don't like this coming from a guy, but a compliment is a compliment, no matter the gender. You scars are very minimal. I see some red marks, but those will definitely fade with time so no worries there. You are a very attractive guy, so much, in fact, that people will hardly notice your scarring or mild acne. Your attractive features will more than compensate for very few blemishes which will fade with time anyway. I'm jealous that you are able to grow such nice facial hair. I can't grow sideburns for anything, and though I CAN grow a goatee, it comes out red and the top and bottom don't connect at the sides of the mouth. You can even grow a nice hairy chest which will drive the girls (and some guys) crazy! You have a good thing going for you, it's called being a naturally cute good-looking guy. You should be happy to have such good genes. Everyone is not so lucky. I'm sure many people on here would gladly exchange your acne for theirs in a heartbeat if given the chance! Anyway, good luck with everything. If it bothers you, I understand. We are all different and all are affected in various degrees by different things. But really though, good luck in diminishing your acne scars!


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