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if u need any reminding how bad my scar are :(

acturly i think this picture makes my main scars look worse then they really are but hey ugly :D

    From the album:

    Adam's Nasty Scars

    • 19 pictures
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    Photo Information for if u need any reminding how bad my scar are :(

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    your scars arent gonna get better by you sulking all the time. theyre not bad!!! confidence is all you need!!

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    do you want to know what i think?

    i believe that you look better with the scars ("now how the hell"...do you say to yourself..."do i look better with scars?")

    you have the right bone structure and facial features for someone who can pull off scars. i don't think they look bad at all! i think they add something about you, in a surprisingly good way. i think they make you look badass, rough, and can add that extra ounce of intimidation. i know girls would go crazy for that kind of thing. your scars (to me) just seem to fit you. now, i don't know you personally, so i can't really say that, but the scars seem to compliment your facial structure (and by saying that, i'm not saying you have bad facial stucture, you have great facial structure!), and with those scars, you definetly look better to me. no, i'm not crazy. i know other people subconciously would feel the same way

    i honestly would dig my scars, but only if i had the kind of bone structure like you

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    I'm sure some laser resurfacing would make those go away.

    If it's something that really bothers you and you want to shell out the money to get it done, they get a procedure. Don't let people tell you not to do something.

    It's your skin, if you think a certain procedure like laser resurfacing can help you, go get a consult. If they tell you it won't help, then you will have to learn to deal with it. But until then, if you want to improve your skin, do so. It's your skin. If you want to pay for a procedure, get it done. Don't let other people persuade you.

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