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end of week 9

At this point I'm pretty discouraged. I'm 27y old, and I'm starting to think I'll look like this forever. I don't remember it ever being this bad as a teenager. I took accutane back when I was 15. It worked really well, but within 6 mo to a yr it was back. I think I started using proactive around that time, and in college I used differin. I was also on the pill from the day I started accutane. I never thought anything was working (besides the year I was on accutane) but last august when I went off the pill, it all went down hill. My skin got really really bad, and not only that, it had started getting extremely oily when I was 22. My wedding photos from 2 yrs ago show a progression over the night of looking beautiful with a matte complexion, to glowing, to grease. It was pretty gross. At that time I was on the pill and I'd been using b5 for 3 or 4 mo. because my derm refused to put me on a second round of accutane. I don't know why it started getting so oily, but I'd have to blot my face with damp paper towels after noontime at work. I never let anyone except my husband see me w/o makeup. I'm miserable when we go camping, and I refuse to spend the night anywhere w/o my make-up. My husband doesn't understand, but of course he has the most perfect skin I've ever seen. I thank god sometimes that I'm female so I can cover it somewhat with make-up. I can't wait for the day that I can just wear a little powder and some mascara. I'm so sick of the cakey look. I just finished week 1 of month 3 on accutane. I'm feeling a little less alone and a little more hopeful that this round might work now that I've joined this community.

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    i know its so easy to say but try not to get discrouaged!! its still pretty early days and if it worked well for you before theres no reason why u shouldnt get decent results again this time, hopefully lasting a bit longer too! stick with it and keep hopeful, you've still got plenty of time for improvement! i think u look fab anyway, but theni guess its how u see yrself that counts. best of luck

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    oh what u wrote is just like my situation.

    I dont remember my skin being this bad as a teenager either. The reason why my skin got worse is because oh Proactive, it made it 3x worse in 1 month :| GRR! I also used differin but didnt see any changes. You atleast let ur husband see ur face without makeup, my bf hasnt really seen my face sine it got bad - i always have atleast a bit of powder to take away the redness.. so u can imagine how i am when i go out in public lol. So YAY for u there! :dance: My bf doesnt realy understand either, his skins fine and he says mines not so bad but i think to myself "yeh thats cause u havnt seen me without makeup hahah".

    I'm roaccutane now, its almost 1month for me. Im also on the pill (Loette).I havnt had my initial breakout, yet (scared) So far all ive noticed is a bit of dryness on my neck and chin, and pretty much 80% of all my "lumpy" pimples have went down and its just a red mark which i pray will go away =/

    Good luck with urs, give it time, and just like you im waiting for the day where i can wear the lightest amount of powder on my face and mascara hehehe. cya

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    i know exactly how you feel! at 28, my skin is the worst it has ever been. my fiance totally does not understand and laughs at me when i walk around our house with white spots all over my face with medicine...i'm on week 9 and i'm still waiting...

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    Well you are a very good looking lady even without make-up!

    You should not think that acne makes you uggly. Not at all. I think that it is even very cute on you (I know you may not believe me, but at least I will have said what I think honestly!)

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    I had tears in my eyes after reading this because of the similarities we share. I'm 25 and plagued with acne that makes me very self concious. Just this morning, at my boyfriends house, when I had no make-up on, my boyfriend's dad wanted to take a picture of us by the tree, and I almost ran out of the house just to avoid the picture.

    I'm a pretty laid back girl and I would rather not deal with make-up, but I can't leave the house without it. I hate going to the gym, because I feel like everyone is staring at my red face.

    However, we should be thankful for the wonderful men in our lives who love us, support us, and think we are beautiful no matter what!

    good luck

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