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My marks are fading VERY slowly, which is a little annoying.. I've been using lemon juice as a toner and exfoliating with baking soda.. I'll keep doing that, and see if it helps.

Oh, and I decided to goo up my hair, and stick some spikes in there. Forreal.


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    la, I miss that long hair.. :dance:

    but your skin looks awesome!

    skin does look awesome

    no wayy keep the short spiked hair! keep it pimpin' :|

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    Hello,your skin looks very good,are you still on the csr?

    Your hair looks much better short...you look yummy...nice eyes!

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    Duuude, your skin looks AMAZING! Seriously.

    It's seriously no where near as good as it looks.. When I just get our of the shower, all the marks are REALLY obvious... I don't think I care anymore though. :]

    I just go out and have a good time, and not worry about it. It seems to get better if I don't freak out every time I realize my complexion is uneven.. I've also got this annoying pimple on my left cheek that I popped, but there's a lot still under the skin.. I'm hoping it'll just be nice and go away. :]

    Oh, and I'm still doing the CSR. I wake up, wash my face, put my CSR gel on, then moisturize if I need it. I only get 1-2 pimples every once in a while, which I can live with. I might start phasing out the BP soon, to see if it helps with the brown marks. I'm not doing ANYTHING different until I get back from california though. :]


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    Hi...I just randomly came across your gallary and I want to say that your skin is looking great. CONGRATS!

    Oh and good choice on cutting the hair...you are GORGEOUS. I dont think I've ever seen nicer eyes on a man!!

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    Hey there! You're skin is doing GREAT :dance: Congrats on that. Also, the short, spiky hair is definitely a better for you :|

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