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Day 10 of my CSR Experiment

My Right Side (I call it the worse side) I hate the lower part by my jaw area. Look at how disgusting that is? It's like a huge cluster! One next to each other or on top of another... how does that happen?

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    My CSR Experiment

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    You are neither disgusting, nor uggly nor worthess.

    Actually, you really seem to be a cute girl. Of course, you do have noticeable acne and people see it when they look at you, but that does not mean that they think you are uggly. They would also look at your hat if you weared one or at earplugs, etc...

    The acne clusters are visible, but not necessarily bad looking. For instance, the clusters you have on your cheeks and your temples underline your nice traits, so they are rather charming.

    Admitedlly, the cluster on your jaw line is a bit less since it is invading a bit the neck, but I am sure that CSR will clear it!

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    Thanks for the compliment... I haven't been logging on lately since I'm feeling so down about the progress of my acne. It's so frustrating! A few days ago... after washing my face I started to cry. How pathetic huh? I really can't help to cry... it's like there's not hope. I have had many suggestions to use Accutane, but that thing has so many side effects.. it's just scary to use. Don't get me wrong... i'm completely desperate and have thought about using it... but is it worth it though? Gees, what people do just to get decent looking skin. Sigh...

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    I really know how it feels.

    I've cried many times while applying makeup in the morning. Usually I'm OK with how makeup covers my skin... but sometimes, it just does not work. Last week my skin was so dry and red from treatments that the foundation I used just made my face look like dried up mud. That was tough...

    And it's not pathetic, it's tragic... you're not a bad person for it. There are many who will see past it. *hug*

    Oh, and you ARE an attractive girl... you have very nice features.

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