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front again

another picture of me :lol:

    From the album:

    my ance prob

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    if you see this what would probably be the best medicaine for my acne ?

    i life in holland tho :P:drool:

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    Hi, I'm no expert, but have some ideas for you, I tried many products (most suck), what worked for me doesn't have to work for you, so you may need to try different things:

    1. First of all, you need a soap that helps against acne, as you're living in Holland (like me :drool: ), you could order "mineralen zeep" from this site:


    It's very cheap and I recommend you order 2 or 3 since it doesn't last long.

    Another good (more expensive) soap would be "Facewash" from Dr. vd Hoog, try your local "Kruidvat" for it :drool:

    2. Secondly, you need to get rid of these pimples you got. Since you have acne on your cheeks I would order "aanstipvloeistof" from the same site as I posted above; it looks like "tippex", you can use this at night to help drying out pimples (for me it only worked on my cheeks).

    Then you could also order Dan's "2,5% bp gel" since many people had great experiences with it, I'm not sure if it works for me since I received it today :P >> http://www.acnesupplies.com

    3. It would be smart to get "Scrubgel" from Dr vd Hoog aswell, to scrub your skin that has NO acne on it, this to prevent new acne. Be careful with scrubbing though, if you do it too often it will irritate/damage the skin (I'd say once in 2-3 days, but this depends on your skin of course). Of course don't scrub the skin with active acne on it, cause it will only do harm.

    4. Some stuff you could take oral: Dr Vogel's Hepar Sulfuris D4, it's homepathic and many people seem to benefit from it. Or get "biergistpillen" or "grote klis pillen" (check out what's available in your area).

    It would be smart to go through all the 4 "steps" above, since half work won't help much.

    Some other general tips: drink lots of water, don't use too many milk products and check if any food causes you to get more pimples (pork meat fucks me up for example).

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    wow thank you for your reply but on the site where they sell bp gel is written they do not ship to the netherlands but they do ? :P

    thats nicei'm going to order

    peaise the lord lol

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    No problemman, good luck with it.

    Really? Didn't know about that and they did sent it over here :lol2:

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    "Due to importation restrictions I can not ship to the following countries. If you place an order for any of these countries, there is no guarantee of receipt and the order is at your own risk.








    Austria "

    well guess the site needs update then lol :P

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