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11th June [Before antibiotics] - 25th August [2-3 months in]

I was contemplating taking Roaccutane as I heard how well it helped my ex boyfriend; I could see a huge difference in both his appearance and personality and I was desperate to feel as good as he did. I went to my doctor around May and booked an appointment to see a dermatologist in June. I was put on Oxytracycline for 1 month which did not improve my acne, so I went back in July and was put on to Doxycycline for 1 month. I went back at the start of August for a check up [i was told that if Doxycycline did not make any improvements, that I would be put on Roaccutane], my acne improved and I have been given a further 2-3 months dose of Doxycycline. I have been using Duac once daily gel throughout my entire course of antibiotics. You can see the difference it's made to my skin. Fortunately for me, antibiotics are working and I urge people to try it before contemplating taking Roaccutane. I thought antibiotics wouldn't work but I'm amazed by the change it's made to my skin. I'm happier now and I have so much more confidence, all thanks to antibiotics. My only fear is that once I finish my course, it will return.

Any comments from past users of antibiotics for acne would be much appreciated. I'd like to hear how well it worked for you and if it came back when you finished the course.. biggrin.png

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My Moderate Acne

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anti biotics worked for me for about 6-7 months, then i got hit real bad, be prepared to go on roaccutane sometime down the track maybe,

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Hey Bro,

make sure you get a good quality Probiotic.

I really think that antibiotics messed me up. It works for a bit, but you hurt in the big picture. Please read up on probiotics.


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