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Yes. The hair is gone. biggrin.png!!

Here's the new do.. I was getting sick of hair in my face, so I sad "screw it" and buzzed it. What do you think? :]

I think it'll help my acne, so we'll see. I think I look really weird, but maybe that'll wear off..


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haha nice, it's amazing how a haircut can make you look like a whole different person isn't it? do you have a guitar pick in your mouth?

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haha nice, it's amazing how a haircut can make you look like a whole different person isn't it? do you have a guitar pick in your mouth?

Yeah, that's a pick. I like my 0.73's. :]


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looks good, it will definately help tons. best wishes!

I personally think that you look very cute either way but I love the chop :|

Can I recommend something to you though. I find that my skin is always so much more the better when I control what I am eating and when I use as little as possible on my face. I have managed to clear my chin acne due to this. If you are eating what you like whenever you like you need to start making a food diary ... listing all the foods you are eating at what time and also of what kinda condition your skin is. After a while I am sure you will see a pattern.

My acne on my chin was a result of an overindulgance of cheese and other diary products ... cutting them out for several months and then slowly re-introducing them (however in much smaller quantities) has helped clear my skin. Acne on the forehead is usually a result of a overloaded liver. Eating healthy and fasting for at least 3 days a month will help to give your liver a rest and will eventually lead to a clear forehead.

Nightly I wash my face with Pears soap which of course is non-comedogenic and afterwards I use a swipe of Calamine lotion which i leave on overnight and which also reduces the swelling.

Only lately have I started getting pimples on my forehead .... ever since I cut myself bangs or as we call them in England a fringe.

I am also on a mission to clear this up within the space of four days as I have a wedding to go this weekend. So I am fasting on herbal teas and broths for three days to help clear this. (usually when I abided by this fast for my chin acne it healed with the space of a week).

Why don't you give this site a visit .... www.askshelley.com .... she is a whizz at this sort of stuff and she'll be willing to help you free of charge ... yay free advice is the best !!!

Here's a BIG GOOD LUCK to the both of us !!!

All the best !! and of course Rock will always rule !!!

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Oh and to help with the healing of scars ... I use Apple Cider Vinegar .... apply it directly to the skin after washing your face at night leave for 30 mintues and then apply the calamine lotion good luck and please continue to keep us posted xxx

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yeah wow! your locks are gone! Yeah it will definatly help your skin, i have long hair and a side fring, and i have worse acne on that side of my face that has the fringe...

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