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tane isit?


i think so...

had enough of topicals. tried everything from the regime to a tee, to head and shoulders. head and shoulders was the best tbh but not good enough. ive been on minocycline and erythromycine and neither did anything what so ever. i have an appointment with the doc tomorrow and im not leavin til she sorts me out with a derm :D

(my hair is not greasy, i just got out of bath :D)

edit: please tell me wot u really think, tane or not?

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    Me and my acne

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    looks better mattyinnit :|

    yah i'd give tane a go though if ur sure ur ready for the side effects and what not

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    It's still a big improvement mate, your left side looks sore, i'm not sure what your regimen is, don't wanna jinx you but i don't think thats bad enough for tane, you'll probably get some useless antibiotics.

    Other than the active spots you've got great skin, better than mine, you got no scars and good texture and it looks smooth, mines all saggy and shit and needs botox.

    I think BP would be the best bet.

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    cheers ry.

    im not goin back to bp. no way. no offence to j but if he can get it for the type of acne he had, theres no way im leavin with out it.

    its kinda of improved, but its changing in type at the same time. look at all those nodules on my left. yes they are fuckin sore atm :|

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    I think you should give roaccuntane a try, I know for me before i went on it i tried absolutely everything and it's the only thing that really worked long term. I went on it for 4 months and the difference is worth it, now i only get the odd pimple. I can honestly say if you try it you'll wonder why you didn't try it earlier!!! best of luck, you're a very cute guy, even with acne!!!

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    I think it's still a big improvement :dance:

    ...but 'tane is going to be almost a sure thing I'd bet. I would go for the 'tane...it will be worth it :|

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    it looks like its just healing here matey, doesnt look bad at all.

    I also bottled the tane,lol, am on two month waiting list to become brave and just do it. But I think even with just bp its lookin smooth :|

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    hey oi oi oi give us a proper smile, none of this non teeth shit!!!

    im not into my smile :dance::dance:

    I'm sure even if ur not a lot of lovely ladies would like to see :|

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