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Day 1


My first post, my first day on this regimen.

Im 15 - - 16 in 4 weeks yay! and only 4 or 5 months ago i had flawless gorgeous, clear skin. and now i don't know whats happened! i don't eat chocolate, oil/greasy foods and only natural sugar from natural foods. I wash my face twice a day, drink two litres of water and keep my stress to a minimum. My skin has made me really upset, and of course i hide it underneath makeup.

I really hope this works, I want my clear skin back.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of the redness? because i don't have that many active pimples.

at the start of the year i was recommended to join a modelling agency. Fat chance of that happening now. wink.png

and by the way, i started going through puberty at age 11, so why is it breaking out now if it may not be hormonal?

keep you updated


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Hi! I'm happy for you that you found the regimen. It seems like your skin is irritated. Make sure that you are washing ONLY twice per day, using a gentle soap and washing super lightly. Apply 2.5% BP, not the higher percentage, super gently. ALWAYS use a good moisturizer and LOTS of it. Most of all, be gentle. Don't overdo it with your skin. Go without makeup as much as you possibly can. I basically hid out in my apartment for a few weeks so that I didn't have to wear makeup. But I realize that not everyone can do that. I work at home :|

Good luck and keep with it. You will get better!!!

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Ulta has a full coverage foundation that will definately hide the redness plus it's oil free so it will not break out your skin. It's a full coverage foundation and it's an Ulta brand. I use it every day and it's a miracle. Lancome concealer helps to disguise any scarring or pimples you might have. Personally I would not use any powder or bronzer on your skin as this I"ve noticed makes breakouts a lot more noticeable

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I had the same inflamed pimples like you do and i suggest not to use BP, it only make it worse and darker spots !!

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Start off slowly with BP, dont put to many things on your face and dont over wash. When it comes to acne more is worse when treating it. When I 1st had acne, I'd get pimples that would fully go away, when I went into panic mode and started using too many products on my face at once, I started getting red spots left behind from the pimple cause my skin just became so stubborn.

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this reminds me of what my skin did.

all my life i had clear skin....i had a brief period my senior year of hs (2001-2002) of some breakouts but it was related to a very poor diet.

but then, all of a sudden, last summer my face began breaking out (i'm now 22 btw). like you, i didnt have a LOT of pimples, but there was a lot of redness and irritation.

nothing i tried really worked. things would help, but not truly work.

and i tried tons of different lines. from the cheap (cetaphil, clean&clear, etc) to the more expensive (DDF, clarins, clinique, prescriptives).

for awhile DDF's glycolic wash worked decently well but it dried out my skin too much.

the BP regimen worked okay on me but it wasnt exceptional.

then in the past 4 months or so, it has stopped.

i think its partially due to birth control.

and switching to bare minerals makeup....i sweat easily and so a lot of makeups make my face worse.

and i simplified my skin care routine:

now i only use phisoderm's pH20 cleanser, DDF ultra lite oil-free moisturizing dew, and around my period (when i'm still prone to breakouts) or if i'm going to be at a bar/club (all the cig smoke and heat and sweating irritates my skin) i use Philosophy's Hope in a Bottle.

i dont know which of the 3 it was really, but my face is clear again. the occasional pimple on my chin or forehead but not usually inflamed and painful looking like they used to be.

i hope you find something that works, you're too beautiful and young to be hiding under all that makeup!

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Girly, you are gorgeous! I totally see why a modeling agency would break down your door. :| The other folks who replied to this are right. You have nothing to lose by being gentle with your skin. Whatever program you choose be consistent and patient. Give it a few weeks to really be effective! If it's not working, ask yourself if you are TRULY sticking to your regimen. I'm hardly an expert but I would guess that this is hormonal. Hormones are a strange thing. They basically control everything in your body. I had good skin in high school, but when I was in my mid 20's my skin went NUTZO. I'm on Dan's Clear Skin Regimen and hopng for the best.

Anyway, good luck to you, pretty girl!

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