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Robert J

there ya have it. and remember scars are sexy!

From the album:

Scar Face

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sorry about the scars, I think laser surgery can help them, but ive never had it so...hope you find something that helps you out.

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sorry about the scars, I think laser surgery can help them, but ive never had it so...hope you find something that helps you out.

like needleing? well im going to go to a tat artist soon and get him to do my face. ill post it up here when i do so and i know the risks. im like the "test subject" lol. as im too poor to afford anything like that :|

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Just get rid of hyperpigmentation (it'll go away) and you'll look good. A few procedures will also help. I realy don't see anything serious here.

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aww. well, i dont know what to say lol. i hope things improve for you!

lol i know... i said the same thing :| hehe jk thanks anyhow tho :dance:

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Subcision dude, definately the way to go. With lasers to help boost the collagen and even out the skin tone. Anyway you've got nice chiselled features. Best of luck!

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I've had outbreaks of cysts & nodules in the past myself before starting Dan's BP Regimen. I find chemical peels to be the easiest way to remove/lessen red marks and hyperpigmentation from acne (as well as from shaving, for men). You might be interested in this website: www.skinculture.com. The chemical peels they sell are "do-it-at-home" peels, so a physician is not required and the procedure is very private. I've done the 4000 peel 2x already, and they've also helped with my scars. Pretty amazing, actually. I would highly recommend trying one for yourself!

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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well right now im looking into fraxel laser. seems to be the best type for this and does not totally fix the scar(s) but improves the skins and even the tones in the face. tomorrow night im going in to see what a doctor says about them here in edmonton. so nothing yet and just fraxel. ill will surly post tho if i get treated :D. seems like oter sites only put mid. scar so ill be the best test subject mahahaha lol

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hey robert look your scars aren't that bad i have a friend has same scarring and he went to southcostmed this the link the person on the second picture is my friend he looks now 80% better

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don't do laser. you wear your scars well. they give you character. You could just keep them. I can't say that about many scars, but yours look good -

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