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The attack of the killer whiteheads.......

Did I metinoin I have oily skin?....This hurts just as bad as it looks.....

From the album:

So you want to see my acne??

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labgirl, i know all about it, believe me.. your acne is the most similar to mine that i have seen, the pictures in my gallery are only ones from when it had improved, and also where my acne hasnt really come out in the pics because of lighting or whatever it may of been.. but it never lasts when it improves a bit, everything i try works for a while and then the effects simply fade away..ive been waking up recently with about 4 or 5 new whitheads a day, ive got an identical cyst on my chin to yours ( i dont even have to touch it for it to hurt, it throbs) and its also a very very VERY painful problem area for me, as is my lower cheeks and the middle of my forhead, but my face is generaly mostly covered.how about your chest and back, do you have it there too? if so we must have been seperated at birth..i am struggling to get accutane at the moment, i have problems with my liver anyway because i have a bowel disease, but i WILL get it, i have no other choice..

so have you gotten accutane now? are you going to make a log? i would love to see updates on your progress, it would help me more than you could know..oh i really wish you all the luck in the world.. i would love to see you improve enough to make you comfortable-pain free and content..i would be over the moon for you.

your posts on the board are always informational and generally helpful, its good to be good :|

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Your acne here looks like my cousin's did in high school. He ended up getting Accutane and has perfect skin now, no scarring, nothing. I had good skin in high school but then got a weird outbreak that got infected and have some moderate sized boxcars out of it. You don't look like you have wide scars at all, probably just the open pored kind that accutane will help when it shrinks your pores down! I'm happy you finally got the accutane!!!

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good luck with the tane..my skin was similiar to yours..mainly all over cheeks, irritated etc..i am a completely different person now..and i can see u are a pretty gal, u are going to be so much happier..

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Hi Labgirl:

My skin is extremely oily, even in the morning when I wake up my face would be all greasy, including the eye lids and ear areas. I have cystic acnes and the acnes when they are not inflamed anymore, they would be acne keloid. I have so many on my jaw line, under the jaw, from acnes that had turned to keloid.

If I break out near my mouth, upper lips, under lips, so embarassing.

And each time I have acnes, my redness would never go away, and it will leave a deep pit scar from when the acnes popped out by itself.

so now i'm on Yaz and Clindamycin wipes, wash with gentle soap, use moisturizer

i'm even thiking of doing the Blue Light Treatment that guarantees me acne free for 3 years minimum.

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woww I'm glad I saw your gallery -- your breakouts are identical to mine! I have a ton of whiteheads on my cheeks and my chin/cheeks are extremely red with red spots as well. Congrats on clearing up your skin! It looks amazing in the later pictures.

Was it the accutane or the retinoids that cleared it up?

My skin looks like yours does in this strip and I'm in my 3rd month of tretinoin (so I'm hoping you'll say retinoids bc this is torture!)

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