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The stubble hides it well, i know its not too bad and people do have to deal with much worse but the spots and bits i have do get me down, i'm a youth worker, and am so consious about it but would love not to worry. on saturday theres this event where I live and i'm helping out, it is for two weeks and we are running fun activities for the people and young people that live here. I will be seeing lots of freinds from all round england as they come to help out too. I was really hoping my skin would be clear by then? i only have from now until saturday to make things better. I used the csr before and it worked, and cleared perfectly and i am now doing it again and lookink forward to being better ;) its horrible having anxiety its all made me feel low and like i dont feel like i want to be here at the momnent but wake up when things are good, thats cowardly ive got to fight on and face my fear, ive hated baring this sdaness, lettning it control me, not being able to look people in the eye for long, is horrible, thats not me thats not right, I felt hope when I found this site again :dance: the pictures are not to good or close i have quite alot of pimples and red dots, I dread shaving now but when I was clear I loved shaing, :dance: Cheers Mates....

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    yean, Dan's is one of the best treatments around.

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    Hey -

    You are extremely good looking and it's hard to notice these spots you speak of. I hope you are able to get your skin where you want but for now - chin up and smile - you look fabulous!

    All the best

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