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Well, it's been a rough couple weeks acne-wise. It started out with my last week in Argentina which included little sleep and 3 nights of drinking. Then the 24 hour door-to-door trip home messed up my sleeping schedule. THEN I was at the beach this past week and wore sunscreen, Neutrogena Dry-Touch. I was VERY careful and washed the sunscreen off as soon as I could. After a couple days, though, I broke out badly... a spot on my chin had 5 heads and the patch under my left eye was about 3 pimples. So my last day at the beach I just wore a widebrimmed hat, no sunscreen (I had worn the hat all week) and didn't get burned nor broke out! So hopefully I got the benefit of a little sun and fresh air on my face without hurting it with sunscreen or a sunburn. I'm pretty much convinced that there's not a sunscreen out there that DOESN'T break me out. Before I went to the beach I researched sunscreen and sunblock on acne.org and the Neutrogena product I used was highly recommended... but who knows with everyone's different types of skin.

Still... I'm very hopeful, keeping up with my daily journal, and always looking for better ways to take care of my body as a whole to improve my acne.

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hey you should try piz buin all day sunscreen as I use it and do not break out. I use to use p20 all day sunscreen but that broke me out badly after few days,

anyway keep the good work up and I think you will be clear within 6 weeks if you started the csr.what do u think?

thanks hunny :|

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What is this "Diet/Holistic Health" thing? Obviously it's not working very well. (No offense, I think you're pretty cute :| )

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Hey there

Nice to see you want to keep on trying. While you try, why don't you use a herbal mixture called essies tea. All natural, no side-effects and it does not interfere with anything else. It helps for overall good health. It really helped me with my acne. You can get it at www.essiestea.com

Good luck and keep it up

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Glad to see you're optomistic and keeping a postive attitude, because if you can stay strong then it makes life much easier.

I have no idea of your situation, but my advice would be Accutane. I live in Britain and am about 2.5 months into my course, i had moderate/mild acne that was prodominantly pustules/papules (not very bad but i have fair skin due to being blond haired so in the winter without much sun etc its morn noticeable) but now, thanks to the treatment, i am completely free from acne.

I know that in america you have to pay for accutane, and some people have these blown out of proportion ideas about the side effects....well the only side effect i know of is having drier lips which means applying vaseline a few times during the day....big deal.

Back before Accutane i remember searching on here for 'the cure' and i remember seeing you on here, so what im hinting at is although you are making progress it would be advisable to consider accutane as a quick and effective solution....because lets face it you are a pretty girl, and it would be wrong for you to hide away in your youth as most acne sufferers do from time to time.

Best Wishes,

Dave xx

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I support you in the whole diet/holistic route of clear skin. It looks like you are doing MUCH better right now as a result. Diet does take much longer than other solutions, but trust me, it's the healthiest way.

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hey im a new member in this forum! ive been searching for weeks for acne treatments and ive found lots of treatments i just dont know wich one is better! ive been on accutane and it has work for 2 years now! the problem is that there are sereval problem with accutane (muscle pain, weak joints, dry skin, depression, among others).

my kind of acne is quite bad although not severe!

i hope you experienced fellows would advise me with proper nutrition and what kind of regimen should i do!

thanx, and hope for a reply! and may your acne get betta!

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Well, I think ur skin is starting to look awesome. I mean diet is going to take a while. Obviously, we've been plaguing our skin with junk food for years but its looking way better so im glad for you!!

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