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Nice :)

My skin has come along way no where near perfect but better. I hate the pore size tho its only my forehead and that little bit of cheek on the sides of the nose. Now the only make up I have on is mascara nothing else. No active acne. Some redmarks. Still doesn't look supple though I think I will buy Emu Oil hoping that does the job. I look funny in the pic lol .. well I think so.

The pic is ALOT BIGGER for some reason when i uploaded it it got smaller .. So you cannot see my pore size or brow lines. But if you click on the image then you can see what I really look like.

Also someone commented on my eyebrows in another pic .. well they look funny now bc I am trying to grow them out so they have some what of a shape .. Just thought that perosn might like to know. So don't comment on my eyebrows.

    From the album:

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    I think your eyebrows look fine. :D And your skin looks great in this pic, very healthy looking.

    I think your brows look fine too! I'm jealous that you have such high arches. But really, I think growing them back out is a good idea. I overplucked mine for a long time too. And I always hated the way I looked, until I grew my eyebrows back in honestly. When they're too thin, they make all of your features look sharper, and actually make you look a lot older. Not only that, but your eyebrows thin out as you age anyways. I think you'll be very glad in the future if you put the tweezers down hon! And don't take this offensively, I had the EXACT same problem. Here are my pics to prove it..



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    By the way, your skin looks so awesome! Jealous of that too ... :D

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    This is my favorite picture so far. I really think you look best without all the makeup. You are really beautiful. your skin looks great :D

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    thank you :| surprisingly I get that very often .. I think if I got a nose job the resemblance would be more prominent.

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