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heres a b etter pic

i put some make up here..

like a face powder which

has the same color of my skin..

sometimes if i see people who has great skin, i feel down

and losses my confident..

i am really insecure with them..

if you only know guys.. these acne scars

ruin my love..

but even if im like this, i respect God.

theres a reason for everything

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acne and scars

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Hey your scarring isn't really noticeable.

My scarring sounds similar to what you describe, ie mainly on sides of face. I think that having greasier skin (I'm 50% of asian genetics), my pimples have caused more damage than they would otherwise. I think that oilier skin shows up imperfections more (especially in sun) due to its reflectiveness, so the blemishes aren't really anything serious. My pimple occurrence sounds similar to yours, about two a week, but theyre big and cystic (below the skin) and have made the sides of my nose look calloused which sucks. You are actually a pretty good looking guy (dont take that in the wrong way lol) with a good face structure (better than mine) and good build, and you really have no reason to worry about confidence etc. Its better to have a good face with slightly imperfect skin than be ugly with smooth skin.

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thanks for your message.

i was enlighten though..

nice to know that you have asian blood.

i hatepeople whos racist

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i wont say "dont be self conscience" because i know it's hard not to be with acne, but know that when people look at you, noone is looking at your acne or your scars. dont worry what people think because good people wont judge you on your skin.

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