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I went from having the clearest skin in the world all my life to acne galore when I graduated high shcool. And the answer is NO I'm not stressed about anything EXCEPT my flippin face!!

I act, I live on stage and camera...or I did until I started to look like the surface of the moon.

I saw the same derm for 5 years...and went through the EXACT same treatments over and over and over...need I go on. The guy REFUSED to put me on accutance wen I asked him to. and I said: That's it, I'm not wasting any more money on this jerk to drive three hours to see him for 15 min spend 30 bucks and be offered things we have already conclueded DO NOT work on me.

When I am at school my face behave a little more; why, I don't know, the air is more humid and hot there!

Orally I have been through Erythomycin, Minocyclin, Tetrocyclin, Bactrim, Acuzine (non perscription), Nature's Cure (over the counter); topically I have tried Retin-A (Cream, gel, liquid, and micro), Benzycline, Azalex, Benzylperoxide, Salycic Acid (40%) perscription strength, and glycolic acid.

Oh and may I please add that I have the MOST SENSITIVE skin in the world. I dry up WAY too fast, peel (and hell yes it hurts), burn, look like a beet, and NO AMOUNT of moisturizer can help me!

I am also VERY fair skinned. While I have been lucky enough to only have few "pick" scars, and very minute, I really don't feel like waiting another 5 years for these stupid red spots to fade.

I would like to wake up in the morning and not run to the bathroom to hide my face, to go camping w/o makeup, to go swimming for God's sake without worrying about my face "disappearing" if it get's wet!

I have been fortunate enough to find a wonderful makeup that at least makes me look semi-normal (Bare Esentuals). And their skin care line with glycolic acid has helped minimize the red and fade it faster. BUt for God's sake, my career is on camera, and my life is falling apart b/c of this.

I sometimes wonder if I skinned my face if it would be better... at least it would all look the same. No, I won't I'm too scared, and that's just not cool to do to yourself, but the thought is enough to bring me down in itself.

Ever cried yourself to sleep..I have for 5 years straight now. HELP ME.

I graduate college in December. I just want to look like a normal person please. Not in a conceited way, but I am a very beautiful person if I can get rid of all this. I'm not asking to be the most georgeous person of all time, just bettter than what I am now; just what I can be.

From the album:

What is happening to me?

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