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accutane month 2( end of 3rd week )

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I can definately see an improvement from the previous photos you have had on here! Hang in there, you sound very positive! I look forward to seeing even more improvement with your next photos. Best of luck!

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hang in there love, it looks like its really doing its job!(( I noticed results the late in the 3rd month)

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I can really tell a difference in the inflamation and severity of the lesions, it looks like it is slowing dieing down. I cousin had really bad acne worse than mine and he went on accutane and I swear you cant tell that he has had a pimple in his life so stay in there and I hope the scaring is minimal

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I can't wait to see your pics toward the end of course...your skin will be beginning to heal up after this flare up clears then you'll be glad you stayed positive and fought the battle. You're really attractive and masculine looking...you're going to feel like a different person really soon! I know that's cheesy as hell. Haha. But it gets better. So much better.

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Your acne looks so much like how my brothers was... Since he has used accutane he doesn't have a mark... Best of luck with it... And I must say your HOTTTT!

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I'm not gonna patronise you either.

That looks horrible for you. But don't give up.

Accutane can take longer with severe acne, that's all.

Keep fighting dude :D

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*EDITED BY MODERATOR* (quote that is no longer there)

Okay, enough ranting. Everyone else is right - you're a great-looking guy! I'd wish you luck but you're not going to need it - I know the accutane is gonna do it's thing and bring you clear skin. Hang in there!

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hey man. looks like you're doing alright. just try and remember each day that passes is 1 day closer to getting clear. i can't wait to see your pics in another ~5 months

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Hey bro... I am going to say a prayer for you right now man. I pray that you heal soon. You don't deserve that man. God bless you bro.

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Hey bro... I am going to say a prayer for you right now man. I pray that you heal soon. You don't deserve that man. God bless you bro.

thanks...i really appreciate that

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Hey there, i havnt seen any other pictures of you so i cant tell you how well you are doing, but i can tell you that Accutane really does work in the end. i had Cystic Acne for quite a while and the cysts were sometimes about an inch off my face, they were really bad but now they are all flat and i feel much better. good luck and i'll check back to see your progress =)

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man i take my hat off to you. i wake up in the morning thinking i cant deal with my skin. but you have some real nuts.

keep up the fight man. 6 months of tane tops and you will be almost clear. i mean whats 6months compared to.....well forever.

im starting tane in july. joe

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hang in there!! the accutane will do its thing and then you'll be healing and working towards getting great looking skinl. don't ever give up

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remember not to scrub too hard when you wash your face!

hang in there buddy, i've been where you were

pm if you need support

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