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no results..just worst acne

its getting worst...i cant even wear my fitted caps anymore because of htis crap!

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    accutane month 2( 1st week )

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    Photo Information for no results..just worst acne

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    STICK WITH IT NO MATTER WHAT!! Its just the initial breakout. You can experience breakouts even till the end of your course. Just one thing. No matter what DON'T QUIT!! I see your acne is severe so I thing this is the only cure that can help. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you man. Really. Good luck.

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    Oh I am so sorry you have to go through this :D Nothing I say can make you feel any better.

    How soon did your acne react with this IB? In the first few days?

    I hope you see progress soon love.

    Lucy xxx

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    My forehead looked like that, probably way worse. It hurts, you HATE feeling it. I wore a bandana for 6 months and never took it off. I had long hair to hide it, I did everything I could. Then it spread to the area between my eyes and a bandana wouldnt hide that, people eventually saw and it was awful. but I waited FOREVER to go see a derm, that was stupid of me. But I was left with minimal scars, I hope youll be the same. My whole face got attacked eventually too. Life sucks, but next year when your clear this will all feel like a blink of an eye.

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    I got to say that if you don't see progress in three or four months, go see another doc.

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    Remember to apply Neosporin or Polysporin to the areas (I don't know if they have them in Japan). Stay strong bro, and no matter what, keep up the faith. Faith is the only thing that keeps me going through the problems I've had to deal with. A lot of times I can't leave the house because I'm in the bathroom 15+ times and in excruciating pain. Suffering is one of those things that's hard to understand. Why do we go through these awful things? The way I look at it, if Earth was perfect, Heaven wouldn't seem as beautiful. I just keep telling myself over and over again.. It will get better because you have faith.. you have faith. I know it gets rough, but hang in there bro... hang in there. PM me if you ever wanna talk. Like I said, I'm home all the time because of my intestinal problems. Take care brother.

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