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katie's progress

Had a great week! I broke out on Thursday, about 3 days ago, with about 6 small pus pimples that are all going down now. I've started keeping track of what I eat each day and how my habits change so I can try to identify what might prompt breakouts. The way I see it, even if I break out every now and then, they're much less severe and infrequent, so my skin is healing overall slowly but surely. Also, I had a wonderful thought this week: my improved skin condition is a result of my body's overall better wellbeing!!! I'm doing something right to make my body happier ;) I'm loving the PB shakes... I had a bad day of diarrhea a few days ago, but am not sure that it was related. Either way, since I started taking the shake right before bed, I wake up and the first thing I do is have a full, easy bm- and I'm feeling great. If you can't tell, I'm feeling really really happy and optimistic right now!!! :dance:

Like I mentioned in my last picture post I had a bad pimple on either side of my nose last week. The one on the right is healing well, but developed a small pus head a few days ago that's now almost gone- seems like it got re-infected somehow. And the one on the left is a lot more of a scab that reopens every couple days! I certainly don't pick on it and don't put the clay mask over it, but sometimes it starts bleeding after I was my face, even though I'm gentle. The good news (I guess) is that it just seems to be bleeding, that it's not a reopened pus head of a pimple that would get reinfected.

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Ow Katie you're such a gem girl! Your skin looks soooo much less inflamed and red...i can see such a beautiful skin tone below the very little acne you do have. Almost there! And very pretty btw

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You are sooo pretty!! Keep up the good work, you can tell that it's getting better. Believe me it sucks now, but it WILL go away. Good luck!

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it has been medically proven tht constipation causes absorption of toxins in blood straem and may result in a breakout.so its always good to maintain regular bowel habits

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