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2002 on october


my face got red from proactiv.

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    i remember i tried using my brothers scrub once and my face felt like it was going to fall off...

    proactiv is bullshit and only good for very mild acne.

    such a purdy girl thou :P

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    You too Elsa....I saw your pics. You should be a model...You have the cat eyes going on. Your hispanic right?

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    oh my gosh! proactiv made your skin that red? i'm so sorry, that must've sucked. i'm too scared to go on accutane because they're correlating her experience with cancer (lymphoma) to accutane. i'm using proactiv right now.

    does anyone know how to describe my acne?

    -i have random zits, my cheeks are really clear and so is my nose.. my chin is clear right now but sometimes i get a zit here or there.. my forehead breaks out (i think it's because i have bangs).. and i usually pick at my skin so i have like 2 scars right now... i have a few zits on my forehead at the moment.. marks on my forehead are from picking at my skin so its just like a little red you know.

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    > proactiv is bullshit and only good for very mild acne.

    This is not true at all.

    Proactiv has helped people with very bad acne, it's just not meant for everyone.

    Everyones skin responds differently to products and depending on how repetitive your acne is and how sensative your skin is, different products will be prescribed. BP is acid and obviously 2.5 or 5% w/e proactive used was to much for Claudias skin.

    I suggest accutane to eliminate the active acne and a derm to help prescribe something not only to keep the acne under control after accutane but to eliminate the redness as well.

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