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I have very little active acne, mostly spots that are on their way out. My diet and lifestyle choices are extreme, but at this point the question is: "What would I NOT do to get rid of my acne?" The answer? Pretty much nothing. The confidence and freedom I feel when my acne improves is absolutely priceless.

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GREAT progress!!! :D What kind of tea tree oil do you use? How much? Do you mix it with any carrier oil? Looking great! :D

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GREAT progress!!! :D What kind of tea tree oil do you use? How much? Do you mix it with any carrier oil? Looking great! :D

Thanks :D I use the Desert Essence brand tea tree oil, 100% (not diluted). I use 1/2 jojoba oil-1/2 tea tree oil as a moisturizer in the morning, right after washing my face. And I swab my face with tto after washing at night.

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Good job, girl! Definite improvement going on. Plus, the skin where there are no longer red marks is BEAUTIFUL, so I'm sure the rest will catch up soon. Good luck!

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you just have this softness about you that im loving. God if you only knew how hot you are. Im tlaking to you not God. but anyways yourskin is improving but i see your still very persistent. i would go on accutnae. get this crpa wiped out of your system once and for all. dont be like me and be hard headed and say no no i dont need accutnae i can control it and deal with it. until you wkae up one day with massive zits and your skin is starting to scar. then you finally tell yourself you must go on accutnae. i owuld get it now and not wait , suffer for months, years and finally get on it anyways. i respect your descision although . all the best

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I don't mean to be rude or try to be noisy, but how do you know accutane won't work for you? Just wondering.. I am gonna be getting on it.. I hope it does work.. But I do see improvement in your skin. I hope things are goin good for you .. :D

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