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katie's progress

well, i had another weekend away and did really good with eating. the only "rule" i broke was i had some fish... but it was sooo worth it :( oh, and i think i broke out from eating a bunch of dried fruit, a lot of sugar.

i have a few pimples now, but they seem like they're either on their way out, or are little ones that go away quickly. overall i'm feeling very confident and happy!

this week i'm going to start back with my lemon water. i was sick for about a week, so now it's time to get back in the saddle...

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First off, I would like to say that I am very proud of you for taking care of your acne and sharing your experiences to help others. Some of the things that you are very open about arent easy to say, but basically I just had something I would like to comment on, and that is tat fact that I have bad acne myself, and one of the things that really help me, is eating fish.

I am confused on that, do you not eat fish because it personally makes you break out, or because you read something that says its bad for your skin? I have personally tried many things and when I read about fish all the things it said about the essential fatty acids and proteins, seemed to sound like it would really help. I started incorporating fish into my diet by either taking it in a pill, or eating everyday and my skin improved!

So, I dont know if that helped, but it seems like you enjoy fish, and if you do, this information might help.

Good luck with your struggle with acne, and I hope you reach your goal.


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