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can ne1 tell me wot these are???

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im pretty sure thats just arm acne..i used to have a lot of arm acne a few yrs ago and im pretty sure i had some white ones.

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I used to know what it was called, and it's not acne, although a little similair. i guess the pores get clogged or something, and that happens, but you can see it's not really inflamed or nothing, because i don't think bacteria is involved. generally it goes away around mid 20's sort of like acne, and I've heard that treatment can be the right moisturizer, and if you scrub it really light like in the shower it can improve.

don't quote me on any of that, because i'm not sure if that's it (i think it started with a "k")

EDIT: also it could be milia maybe... which is harmless but can be extracted carefully with tweezers and stuff by you or your derm. I'd just point it out to him/her next time you go

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Hey FINALLY someone else who has that (well, not that it's good or anything, but at least I know I'm not dying... maybe we are dying... TOGETHER... lol) I have that on my chest and I've been wondering what it was for years... well okay maybe only like 2 or 3 years, but still.. I wish it would go away, it doesn't seem like acne to me, it doesn't hurt, it's just weird... like... not ... okay I'll just shut up b/c now I'm rambling... but it's annoying!

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