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white dots


white dots

From the album:

can ne1 tell me wot these are???

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Is that the back of your arm? I had something similar there like 10 years ago and my doctor said, "oh, those are winter bumps, nothing to be worried about". I was like, "oh."

Anyway, they stuck around for about 5 years and then went away.


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5 god damn yrs?????? OMG!!!!! they r on the side of my arms. both arms. sum on my chest and back to. basically where the acne are.

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Looks like the white areas are scar tissue.

Most people get this type of scarring on their backs not their arms.

You could try darkening them with an artificial tanning cream or just put some strong industrial strength makeup over them like Dermablend .

Given its on your arms its not worth worrying about.

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Even though I can see the picture just bare with me. If the simptoms you are experiencing include bumps on areas like your arms that are often flesh colored or red/pink and usually small, harder to pop (if they can be) than regular pimples and seem impossible to get rid of then I might have a remedy. I have had bumps like that on my arms for several years and they got worse when I had an allergy scratch test. Anyway, the best way that I found to get rid them was a home-made sugar scrub with a few drops of tea tree oil. It is very simple and really cheap!

For Arms:

Take about a table spoon of regular white sugar and put it in a bowl

Sprinkle water onto the sugar using your fingers and mix it around using your fingers to make the sugar moist and gritty-Don't dissolve the sugar!

Add a very small amount of tea tree oil-about a drop or two-mix with fingers.

Using your fingers scoop some of the scrub out and massage it onto your arms-1 at a time- over the effected area for about 30 seconds. If the sugar seems too dry just moisten your fingers and continue massaging.

You can massage longer if you want -the sugar will dissolve anyway- then wash it off and dry. It might help to follow with an AHA lotion like Neutragena's Skin Smoothing Body Lotion.

The key is to exfoliate really well, but you don't need to be really really rough.

I started out doing this twice a day when I washed my face-in the morning and at night. The more you do it the better the results. Eventually my arms were clear and I just did it once a day or a few times a week for maintenance.

You can use this scrub anywear on your body, even your face. Just be more gentle when using as a face scrub.

I hope this helps you. Good luck

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i am definitely going to try that sugar scrub you mentioned up there. i have the same spots on my arms, back, and even my legs. :P

its tough, when i was about 11 my doctor recommended microdermabrasion but my parents said no because they thought they would go away. definitely giving the scrub a try though because ive been using neutrogena acne-free body scrub and it hasnt worked one bit even though i used it regularly.

good luck.

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I had something similar to this (after a vacation of scuba in the Bahamas). The dermatologist could not tell me what it was. He told me, "you didn't hear me say this, but go to a tanning bed." So I went about 5 times and I don't know how or why, but it worked. I haven't gotten them since (about 3 years now).

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