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katie's progress

I just got back from a weeklong trip and successfully had NO WHEAT and VERY LITTLE DAIRY the whole time. I am so happy :( My one pitfall, a learning experience, was that I had two yogurts on the trip and broke out badly on my left side (you can see the pus-filled spots in the picture :confused: ) Either way, I'm back and excited to keep going with my regimen. And I'm starting a liver cleanse on Friday and am VERY excited.

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    I don't think I've ever broken out from food, that sucks you have to stay away from dairy and wheat.

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    we shouldn't eat dairy anyway, for many reasons. but DAMN I love dairy, and everything dairy helps to create as far delicious culinary cuisine goes. it looks like you have alot of redmarks and less active acne, have you ever considered antibiotics. not nearly as expensive as accutane and cleared me up good, check out my old pictures, yeesh. keep up the good work, sucks about food. Caffienne causes me to break out, but thats about it, but not as much anymore, especially since my antibiotic has me set in a groove of clear skin (for now, Ill give it a year). youll get there though, and itll be awesome. love you much cutie!

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