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Day 109 vs Day 93


"Nobody dooeeesssss it betterrrrrrrr.

Makes me feel sorry forrrrrrr the rest.

Nobody does it half as good as yooouuuuu.

Ohhhhh, DAN, you're the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I FEEL SO GOOD TODAY :( My skin is getting better and the only person I have to thank for that is named Dan.

Thank you for experimenting on yourself.

Thank you for sharing your regimen.

Thank you for building this web site.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

I want to write a letter to Oprah about this man who is touching so many people's lives. It would be so awesome if he could go on her show and tell the world about Acne.org and then help so many MORE people get their lives back. What do you think???

From the album:

Celebration's Progress on Dan's Clear Skin Regimen

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Photo Information for Day 109 vs Day 93

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You look amazing, and just keep on improving!

And it would be great if we could get Dan on one of these shows to help spread the word :D

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gosh, look at that.

Astonishing overwhelming improvement! !

You have every reason to feel happier and better by the minute... I mean, just look at that progress. :D



Yep... thank you so much for everything Dan.

And thank you as well, CELEBRATION (you couldnt've chosen a better ID :D ) for sharing your victory with us all along. :naughty:

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So so pretty girl!

Your skin is mega clear and the texture looks fab.

Yeeeeeeee get dan on oprah, that'd be gold :D

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Wow Tina, your skin looks amazing, really does.

Next time, if there is one, that you have a down day, I'm going to slap your arse for you and remind you just how good your skin looks :D

Well done for sticking with it, you look wonderful! x

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your losing it

Ha Ha :D:D:D

You're right! I've LOST my acne, I'm LOSING my scars, and I'm LOSING the terrible weight that has been on my mind!!! :naughty:

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Thank you!!!! ~modtownshend

I love you, too ~Dami3n

Thank you!!! ~Sola

Thanks, Janiet53 :D

I like having you look after me, Brandy!!!

Thanks for the PM ~Lingler

Thanks, hon. ~catpower

Ha, ha. Like to see ya try it, Real_Maverick. I like your new avatar pic, though!

StarLogic...my "sistah"...I love ya always.

You all make me feel so good.

Tina :D

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haha...this is great! i'm so glad you are feeling good! you really deserve all the best. you look fantastic!

love, erin

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I wanna be an official FOO. Friend of Oprah :D

Yuh! Me too!!!$!$!

I'm gonna start a letter-writing campaign for you Dan. Soon as I find some time....

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Wow, you are like the Regimen poster girl! :D Every time I check back here, you show such amazing improvements. It's great that you're keeping such excellent track of your progress through photos, since I think that's the encouragement some people need in order to start the Regimen in the first place.

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I think that, that would be an awesome idea. I've always believed that acne is more than just zits. It is something that can be very mentally scarring. I know that acne.org has helped me and many others. I would love to get the world involved in something that has helped so many to begin to live their lives again.

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