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Much improved skin thru diet/cleansing...

Let me introduce myself. My name is Matt, I'm 20, and I was hit with the "ugly" stick around 6th grade. My skin got pretty bad during my two years of junior high, but I was too young to care. Looks weren't that important back then, and I figured it would be something I grew out of. So I entered high school and by the beginning of sophomore year, I had developed a passion for hating acne. Like any suffering teen, I told my parents how I felt and we set up an appt. to meet with a derm. Over the next two years, I did just about every topical and pill they had to offer at the time. I remember starting with Differin, Nicomide, Minocycline, some other anti-biotics, and then finally Accutane.

The tane kicked in around month 6 I think, and cleared up my back, but I still had breakouts on my chest and face. I waited another year or so and did a second trial. This time my face totally cleared up... but not for long. After a blissful summer, my skin did a complete 180 and I was devastated. I was even in a relationship at the time, but I just couldn't face her anymore. I was too embarassed... so I severed all ties. I started making excuses not to go out with my friends, and skipped a lot of school. Out of desperation, I surfed the web to find a cure. I came across Leo's E-book and it opened me up to a whole new world I was completely oblivious to. He stressed diet a lot and it made so much sense to me. Growing up I pretty much lived on cereal and junk food. It was so unhealthy, so I figured I had done some serious damage to my body... and acne was a symptom.

I tried to follow Leo's regimen as best I could (those of you who have read it know how extreme it can be), and I started seeing some improvments. However, after a couple of months of strict dieting, supplementing, and finally a bowel cleanse, the improvments seemed to halt. It was time to take a different approach. I came across CureZone.com and then AskShelley.com and researched a shit-load. After reading so many success stories about liver flushing clearing skin problems, I was eager to try. Thirty or so flushes and thousands of "stones" later, my acne was nearly cured. I was pretty damn happy, and felt like I was on the right track.

Since then, I went to a holistic M.D., got some lab tests done through Great Smokies, and discovered I had a nasty parasite (no, not huge worms if that's what you're thinking! yuck), as well as a low good-bacteria count. So I followed my own parasite protocol, and some nasty breakouts I was recently experiencing, diminished. I also noticed that whenever I ate wheat, or gluten in particular, my skin would go wack. So right now I've been following a gluten-free diet, and started taking some powerful probiotics that were recommened by my doc.

I never had severe acne (except for like a month)... more like really stubborn mild to moderate acne. I do have pretty big pores on my nose and and inner cheeks, but clay masques help. I like to think it makes me look more rugged. lol. I don't have a lot of deep scars, craters, or anything like that, but I do have a bunch of pin-prick scars. They are noticeable in certain angles of light, but it doesn't bother me as much as acne itself. Anyway... I think diet combined with cleansing is the answer for some people. If you know your skin correlates with what you eat, drink, smoke, or whatever, it can't hurt to try this approach. Sure, it may sound daunting and take a lot of effort, but it's worth it if clear skin is among one of your top priorities. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions...

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