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Right Cheek Day 53

It is already day 53,i still can't believe time goes by so fassst!

I am sooo happy with my skin,it is a very little bit dry,but really nothing major and my lips are doing great as well :( ...finaly i can apply makeup without it being all...bumpy.It is mostly red marks that i have,which i am so sure will take an eternity to fade out,but its all good.This is the best my skin has looked since a holly long time. :confused:

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    On Accutane

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    Incredible improvement girl! Just concentrate on clearing your acne...which the tane is doing. Then you can do scar treatments and all that later. Well done!


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    I hope your cured after this well at least for a while =) it feels so good just having to splash water on my face from now on and not keep on having to put face wash bp etc

    take care

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    You are clearing up sooooo fast! And I bet those redmarks will heal within a couple of months after you are done with 'tane!!! Yay!!! :D:D:D

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    You look AWESOME!!! I'm so glad the Accutane is working for you. From your pictures, I would say that our skin is pretty similar. I'm so happy for you :D

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    I am really encouraged by your pictures. Yeahh I hate my red marks too and I can't use make up because I'm a guy...

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