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Day 111!!!

YAY FOR DAY 111!!!!!!

Check out my back.. and my chest... AND my face!!!!


Today I wore a halter top... it was amazing! And also the first time ever since before I hit puberty.. hahaha.

Anyway, YES I admit I am TANNING a little... which is why my back and chest are alot clearer (note: I am NOT tanning my face!) ...don't yell at me! Look at how good it is! Yay!

I only have like 3 active zits on my back and a small breakout... then just a few scars... chest is just scars left.. I am treating the scars (by scars I mean red marks) in those areas with Mederma gel which seems to be working wonders!

I got a new mark next to my nose on my face but besides that getting clearer or staying the same, my upper lip is a little bit better than before and my chin could be better but it's not really bad. Yay!

And thanks to Sarah!! sad.png And Tina I hope you have/had a great great trip to DC!

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    Damn I am very impressed with your progress, Accutane useally takes longer than that. Hopefully you will continue to improve and stick with the program cause it is obviously working :D

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    Ur looking awesome!! And u must have looked and felt great in ur halter. :D When was that prom ur neighbour asked you to?? Ur gonna look amazing :D

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    My jaw honestly dropped.

    Star... you look absolutely freaking amazing. Here soon you need to post your pics in the before and after! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Seriously. Wow.

    I think I'm in love with your skin :D

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    amazing! i used to tan too to help and it did , but i even went and put a dab of coverup on any redmarks i had at the time and tanned with that on and it actually evened out the color more bc the tan couldnt get to the spot, then i just washed it off later. Looking great! You will look amazing at the dance!

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    Amazing progress, i can't believe the difference. You look absolutely stunning, I can't wait to see Prom pictures (oh that takes me back!) don't forget to post them!

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    OW OW!!! :D Star is looking clear!! Your back and chest have gotten sooo much better, its not even funny. And you face, thats awesome!!! The difference between Day 1 and Day 111 is like night and day!! :D Still no neighbor pictures!! I'm anxious. :D

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    Wow, what a difference! I have some acne on my back and wondered if tanning would help me out. Anyway, you're looking great, girl!

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