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Me minutes before my first step of the Regimen - 10.09.04 (F

I have suffered with Acne ever since I was 15. I'm 23 now, an unfortunetely it ain't getting any better. I have tried anything and everything - Antibiotics, Lotions, Accutane but nothing has helped. I'm the first to admit that after viewing some of the pictures on this site many of you would consider my acne to be mild at best? Well I'm the same as all of you i guess, i have my good days, my bad days, and my terrible days. At this very moment i feel like my nose is on fire!! I'm from England so I'm using a product called 'Oxy - On the Spot' as I haven't managed to find a straight BP solution, YET! Oxy is more or less the same so watch this space and I'll keep u posted on my progress!

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    10.09.04 - Judgement Day

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      Very nice eyes. :P

      Good luck with the reg - I'm on day 12 and am getting good results. Had somewhat similar acne to yours. Be careful not to over-use the BP in the beginning stages, or your skin will dry up way too fast and be very red-making things look worse. I started off with 10% BP (agh!) but when I switched to 2.5%, the overall quality of my skin improved a lot. Barely need moisturizer now at all.

      Wish you success!

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      who cares about the eyebrows i could just SWING from those LASHES. they're AMAZING.

      good luck with the regimen, hope it works for you!

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      Well actually, yes. But here's the weird thing, I stopped using BP properly after about 5 days. It was burning like hell on my delicate face, haha. Whilst reading through the site though i did stumble accross a few other tips. One of which was from a nice young lady from the other side of the pond, the good ol' US of A. She said she just used water to weash her face, both morning and evening and nothing else!! So i though why not! Anyway, the improvement has been brilliant. As long as I keep clean shaven i have stopped getting spots for almost 6 weeks now. Been a bit lazy of late and not shaving as regular but I'm loving the improvement. My confidence has risen 10 fold and i'm loving the reactions I'm getting!! I would recommend trying this tip to anybody for a week-two. Good thing is it costs nothing, so if there is no improvement then at least you haven't paid out a shed load of cash!

      I will post a before and after post when i get home tonight from work, i'm skiving at the minute!

      thanks to everyone for there positive comments and good luck in you battles!

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      Accutane does not help every condition of acne. Your acne is not sever enough for accutane and that's why it isn't working. a 10% BP should definitaly do the trick, you can also try needle shots or Zenmed.

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