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Day 86

These pics were taken last night. I really like how clean my face feels with the BHA/AHA toner. However, this morning, I feel a little bumpy/irritated about my chin area. Also, Dan just informed me that BHA is actually salycilic acid, which does not mix well with BP.Bummer... I guess that product goes in the medicine chest with all of the other stupid acne medicines that never worked well. Why doesn't neutrogena just SAY salycilic acid right on the bottle instead of trying to trick me with this fancy Beta Hydroxy crap?

From the album:

Celebration's Progress on Dan's Clear Skin Regimen

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:D:D:D oh my gosh girl, i can't even believe my eyes!! you're literally like, one of the biggest success stories on this entire site...ahhhhh you look incredible!! :naughty:
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your skin looks beautiful. really beautiful.

did you ever think the regimen would work so well?

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your skin looks beautiful. really beautiful.

did you ever think the regimen would work so well?

Actually, yes. I've always had complete faith. But I was hoping it would work faster!!! Oh, how I dream of 100% clear skin. :D:D:D

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About you stating how bha and bp dont work to well thats not true... Just make sure the precentage is low... .5% bha... Olay has a cream that is in that range and i have not heard of anyone being irratted by it... then you can build up if you want... Soon or later you will drop the bp like i have... 1 to 2 zits a month doesnt bother me.... Soon you will be able to just wash face and applie aha, bha cream and i think this is more effective then bp ... cream... I use a bp cleanser so i dont bother with the bp cream no more...

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bha or not, you look great

and you got to talk to dan! no more being jealous of me! hahahha

anyway, yeah, keep rocking it, its easy to lose track of how far we've come.

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ah yes the oh so scientific words that no one understands! :D well at least you found out early in the run before something bad could happen. :D if you know your old regimen was working i wouldnt add anything because that could counter everything else...which is doing a totally freat job if i do say so myself! but before i write a long story i just wanna say great job keep trucking!

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Wow, wow, wow! You are looking so fantastic! I'm so excited for you. :D

Thanks...I know I should be thrilled. But today I just wish that it would all go away and never return. I feel like a clear skinned person is inside of me trying to get out...

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Try not to use so many different products that's irratating your skin try to stick with the Bp and the accutane your are using to much product.

Your skin is looking pretty good !!

I'm using for my scars ENVIRON rich in Vitamin a and i have some microderm once every 2 weeks that's it and a little bp for some pimples.

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