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    A little smile :D

    Seems you're clearing up.

    I think perhaps things have been unstable with the change of birth control etc? maybe things will level out now.

    I've seen this stuff on ebay, that is oil based, rather than water based, it's called Benzoil and it's supposed to be up to 5x better at penetrating the pore and clearing your skin, I might give it a go, although my skin is pretty much clear and stable now, but it was a rocky road.

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    Hey there :D

    Real Maverick mentionned that you were or are on the pill? Is that still the case? You know I use to have to most beautiful skin as clear as a crystal until I decided to go on the flippin pill and started having all sorts of problems. Since october I have come off it and slowly my skin is starting to behave itself.

    There is a website called askshelley.com she talks about how along with Dan's regime certain diets can help clear the skin. Before discovering this site I took hardly any vitmains into my diet and my skin would take ages to heal.

    With a daily dose of a good supply of vitamins it can help slwly clear up the skin. I take tons of stuff ... lol ... my friends and family laugh at me :D If it is an imbalance in hormones u need to be taking AGNUS CACTUS will help balance it all out. ZINC is amazing take 50mg daily but only for two weeks no longer. It will help speed up recovery :D

    But one thing ... keep up with Dan's regime I am and slowly I see that it is helping. I know life is stressful at times and living in a busy city (as I do ) doesn't help try some kind of relaxation I love yoga works a treat. Hmmmm think I am turning into a right hippie !!!

    Good luck and God Bless

    Love Chrissi xx

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    hey Star! Just want to say that i've been looking at your progress since day 1 and i have been so inspired by you! You have so much willpower it is amazing to see, you are doing so well! I had skin very similar to yours when i was 13 - 18 years old. Thankfully, the worst is over now and luckily, they just "died down" on their own. I have recently been using Panoxyl gel which burns like hell but my skin is pretty much clear now..even though i suffer from bad breakouts every month or so. I just want to say though when i had pimples on my forehead, i went to the hairdressors and had a side fringe cut, and voila! instant cover up! lol

    Anyhoo keep up the great attitude cos your doing sooo well! You truly are an inspiration to all those who are suffering :D

    Please don't lose faith in your regimen you really are looking soo much better than when you first started!


    Hayley xxx

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    Damn lady time!!!

    I remember when I was in 7th or 8th grade... my forehead used to be soooooooooo bad and this girl i knew would tell me to grow my hair over it. it was so bad. I wonder why my forehead has been clear for years??? I wish it was the worst part cause when i look at my cheeks i see dents and scars.. ugh.

    Have u tried using Queen Helen Mint Julep mask on some spots (even if u put it on for an hour and wash off)? I always found that it calmed my skin down. On Saturdays I make sure I put it on my cheeks and then i soak for a while in the tub then wash it off last... i look more even toned too. I probably already asked u that before (about the mask).. oh ... dont mind me... i am freaking retarded. LOL

    Anyways... just keep going. I know after your *friend* leaves town your skin will get better. I always had like... 2 and a half weeks of GOOD skin then 1.5 of shit! hahaha

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    I see that little smile peeking through...

    ... and I see the gorgeous clear skin coming through too. Just a matter of (very little) time!

    Keep it up, you are an amazing inspiration!

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