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Day 89

Hey everyone! Look! I'm starting to get pimples on the side of my face and my forehead again, so you can't tell me to look how much those have improved anymore!!! sad.png


Plus, this is f-ing disgusting!! And painful as hell. Suprise suprise, story of my life...


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Did you go off of the BP for a day or a few days? Have you changed anything? Maybe that gold bond or whatever lotion has stuff that makes you break out.

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Have you been exfoliating any? seems like your skin may need rest period? seems kind of flushed

Yeah dunno why you keep getting those bumps in the same spot :) ........it's obviously nothing your touching or anything..........grrrrrrrrrrr wish I knew

hang in there star you'll get better :dance: just don't give up!

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Did you go off of the BP for a day or a few days? Have you changed anything? Maybe that gold bond or whatever lotion has stuff that makes you break out.

I switched to Eucerin.. and I definately didn't stop the BP for a few days. This is driving me crazy. I hate looking at myself and I am so sick of acne.

Thanks Fuman... =\

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I know, I am sick of acne too but sadly until some really great person invents a 100% terrific results for life we're stuck. ):

Hm, maybe your skin is now reacting to the gold bond or maybe the Eucerin contains something you are allergic to? I don't know how long you have been on Dan's BP but some people that have switched over even though they have used BP before do experience a breakout/dryness before their skin gets used to the product. Perhaps that is what your skin is going through.

Then there is that whole birth control angle.. damn, it would be so nice just to have some answers so you can find the solutions.

I'm sorry you feel so down but look at this picture compared to before BP. Your skin has come a long way, Missy! If the dryness is really bothering you try applying the lotion to the incredibly dry areas, and then apply the BP over it.

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hey there, i'm sorry to hear about it not getting better. remember, we are our own worst critics. a few suggestions, remember, they are just suggestions i'm not pushing you into anything.

1) i recently also just switched to eucerin lotion from using the cetaphil brand, in hopes that it would combat the dry skin. eucerin alone made my dry skin even worse. i find the two together work wonderfully. spread the eucerin on first, on especially dry areas (chin, around lips, etc) and then spread the thicker, more moisturizing cetaphill on top. it seems to really work well.

2) try to get on some antibiotics or prescriptions. i had skin very similar to yours and was on BP for 3 full months, with dissapointing results. BP doesn't work for everyone unfortunately. i went to my derm and he prescribed me doxycycline (doryx) as an oral anti and benzaclin as a topical. he also prescribed retin a but excuse my french, FUCK THAT SHIT YO. anyways. the combo of doryx and benzaclin together are working wonders, and i'm on my way to becoming completely clear.

just some tips to try and help you.

keep smiling, you're beautiful, and never let such a stupid thing like acne get in the way of living a full life. there are far worse things in this world.

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My lips were bumpy and itchy and red as hell.. are yours itchy too??? I dont know why i got that but i was thinking it was the BP> Lately they get really dry and shit and they hurt to smile or anything.

I have been really dry like you too. Not as dry lately but thats cause at night I would mix 3 things- eucerin skin renewal, Aloe vera gel (and i applied it even after the moisturizer) and some emu oil. I would recommend a liberal amount of aloe vera gel and eucerin. When i wake up my skin is soft.

Oh... try your hardest not to get BP on your lips. that made my lips hurt bad too!

Freaking acne!---> DIIIIEEEEEEE MOFO DIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hahaha Maleet you're precious.

Fiona, it would be great to have some answers!! Someday... I just did the lotion first then BP thing tonight, we'll see if it breaks me out or helps (I'm not so sure of the latter judging by recently, but maybe I'll be granted a miracle)

Harriet, I've been on retin-a, trust me, I'll excuse your french because I agree with it, lol. I've also been on tetracycline which made me sick and caused me to break out more (after 2 years, I didn't just go on for like 3 months or anything). Right now I am on clindamycin, and I took some oral antibiotics awhile ago. I'm also on Ortho Tri Cyclin birth control. I'll definately consider the eucerin/cetaphil combo though, that's a good idea. I just keep running out of ideas and it gets really tiring, you know?

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hey! im not sure about the eucerin being a drying agent since it is a moisturizer ( is it the moisturizer you are using? ) but i do know when i was on Dans my skin dried out like CRAZY with the bp. i loved the stuff dont get me wrong but at random times i couldnt even open my mouth. I hope it gets better for you, it willlll go away unfortunatly it takes time .... which sucks. but i wish you all the best :)

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star.. looks just like mine :) same lip pimples, same dryness sigh....

not only do i have acne, but now everytime i try to exercise i get really itchy and red blotches appear all over my chest, back and sides. oh how life sucks.

i wish there was an answer, but ill just keep treating it with what i got.

stay in there.. im looking forward to your progress

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I have to give you a positive remark here: yes, your skin is dry and red and angry BUT it is very 'flat' everywhere, and it looks like you won't get any scarring :) when my skin gets angry, i like to use a honey mask (told preflight about this too): after washing and drying your face, smear on a layer of thick honey (manuka is the best if you can find it) and leave it on for about 10 mins, rinse with cool water, leave skin alone (let it breathe). Honey is full of skin goodies like vitamins, proteins, minerals, as well as being naturally antibacterial and VERY soothing. Hope it helps! Big hug and chin up, you are gonna kick this mo fo!

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I look at your dryness and it's as if I can actually FEEL your skin. On BP I had the same dryness where it hurt to make any sort of facial expression. I looked depressed since I didn't want to smile. I know you don't want to skip the BP since it's been working for you, but I would suggest taking a night or morning off, maybe even a full day. I had to do that simply because I couldn't bare the dryness. Of course everyone is different...good luck star, thanks for baring it all and being vunrable, you have real confidence and determination, it's inspiring :)

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some time ii think acne is so stupid and why is acne on the face ...duhu hey star can you try to not put make up on for 1 month ..i know you used to wear it whenever you go out but and i know it's so hard for you with out make up ...the reason i saying this because i think the make up make those acne worse .

yeah you are right iam so sick of acne tooo

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:) Awww i'm sorry you feel bad.I am sure it is gonna get better.I always have ups and downs.I hate having acne as well...imagine i can't even go throw out the garbage without makeup,that's how sad it is. :dance: Me too i just want it to go away! Arrrggg...you so pretty and you don't have to suffer.Keep your head up and tell yourself that it will get better. :dance:
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