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Week 16 *Die redmarks... DIEEEE!!!*

Soooooo... these redmarks are really making an appearance today. 2 nights ago i had put supercop on my cheeks and when I got up I had noticed that the monster zit scar (the big red dot) had about 3 little zits in it... I freaked, put some BP on it and today its flat again. I cannot really find any zits which is great. I just want to get rid of all of these scars which the process has already begun last week.

I did a TCA cross on a few scars last saturday and the scabs came off this fri morning (could be why some if its red too cause I did those areas cept the monster zit scar). I am waiting for the monster zit red dot to turn brown so i can do a sort of gentle peel and take the damn discoloration off with the scab.

Looks like I went backwards with overall appearance but i think the last one i posted looked better cause of the flash!!!!

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2nd time on clear skin regimen

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Awww,you are doing great! The red marks will go away one day or another,i guess that what takes

the longest :) ...but really,your face looks great! And i love the pics with the makeup,its so nice!

Take care and keep it up :dance: .Oli.

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Girl you look GREAT!!!!!! Don't worry about that stupid red mark, it'll go away!! The rest of your marks have gone waaaay down from what I can tell and you look awesome. Just keep it up, and remember your favorite saying... DIE REDMARKS DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Hi there :dance:

Clear alright! :dance: YEAH! :dance:

I know you want flawless skin, but you should feel very satisfied. Getting rid of active acne is the most important step in the process, I think. And you made it! Congratulations! :dance:

Besides, you look great leet! By the way, you look fine with your blue contacts, but I like you more like this. Your eyes' natural color armonizes better (in my opinion) with your face structure. Very beautiful! :)

You know, I've browsed through all your gallery, but I somehow missed the part where you explained what's that "supercop" thing. Is it a treatment for redmarks?

Congrats again, leet. You're getting closer and closer to perfect skin! So keep it up!

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Damn dents and redmarks!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ya know.. the redmark dont look real bad today. Its like superbright in this pic. odd.... LOL

U guys are funny- thanks!!!

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Maleet~You are looking really smooth and pretty. Don't worry too much about the red marks. Time will heal all wounds...or so they say! Keep up the great attitude.

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